• TheJadeBullet

    Comment #1: I do foresee the Hallyu wave grinding to a halt in the very near future if the “tried-and-true” kpop formula isn’t shaken up a bit. Several groups attempted to do this just last year, but if every other group takes note of their success and copies their style to a T, where’s the originality in that? People are going to get bored eventually, but who knows? Maybe the ADD nature of kpop may keep everyone addicted?
    Comment #2: B.A.P is really trying their hardest to stay memorable, especially as the year-end award ceremonies are drawing nearer. I don’t blame them for their tight cycle of production and promotion but their music is really starting to lack impact. Warrior was amazing, in that no one expected such a level of performance from a rookie group. Power didn’t really do it for me, and No Mercy was an interesting take on the incorporation of traditional instruments in modern kpop but it was still quite– I won’t say unimpressive, because they are trying their best, but I feel that they’re running themselves to the ground. 
    Don’t get me wrong, I really do like their music but I’m losing interest. Crash was just okay; despite my love of rock, I’m not going to laud them to no end. I absolutely detest this cute image that they’ve been adopting as of late, but I do understand where they’re going with it. 
    Comment #3: People are just too blind to look beyond the glamorous packaging and bright, white, celebrity smiles to see marketing’s true ugliness. 
    In reference to Ga-In vs HyunA, I think they both deserved having a 19+ ban, given the ultra-conservative Korean society. HyunA maybe a little more so, due to the blatant display of sexuality without a definite message. I’m slightly butt-hurt by the fact that HyunA didn’t actually get banned but, obviously, Cube worked around the red tape. Also, the Psy cameo pretty much guaranteed that for the sake of the Hallyu wave, the MV and song (while absent of any real exhibition of talent) would continue to be promoted.

    • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

      I agree I think both HyunA and Ga-In’s videos should have been given a 19+ rating because generally, on the whole, younger audiences are not mature enough to understand and evaluate the issues contained in them.

      Take Ga-In’s MV where they might come away with the idea that sexual awakening is something very much pleasurable and rush into it. However a person with maturity of understanding ALSO understands that whilst sexual awakening is a rite of passage, and an enjoyable one at that, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately begin indulging in it because it WILL lead to burgeoning desires and put you on a path to engaging in sexual activity.  This was excellently portrayed in the film ‘Wish you were here.’ It is about how a woman’s sexual awakening is something she should be in control of rather than instigated via her partner/boyfriend/man-in-her-life’s needs. However childhood should also be experienced in its full course, because there is plenty of time for sexual experimentation in adulthood.

      HyunA’s MV again shows a woman’s realization that her sexuality can affect men in a very powerful way.  Younger audiences might take the idea away that this ‘ability’ is something to be used to get whatever they want.  However a person who has a more mature understanding will know that whilst sexuality is a powerful aspect of womanhood is it demeaning/wrong(?)/cheap(?) to use it at every instance, especially when your intentions are insincere.  Being seductive is a part of the human experience and being able to affect your lover in a way that renders them helpless and vulnerable is beautiful in its own way BUT if you use it all the time to get everything you want, you need to understand that those people will feel betrayed and used.