• muggle87

    tbh, i never put a whole lot of thought into album covers…. to me, its like a 1,2,3 step, 1.i look at it, 2.think its nice, or fangirl moment or ugly, or wtf, then 3.move on and never think of it again.

  • itsmysunshine

    The most bizarre album cover that’s out this year so far: f(x)’s Electric Shock. Why would a company marketed their artists wearing horse head, I have no idea. *facepalm*

    • Wooju Lee

       SM always focused on the shock factor, whether that formula be presented in visuals or music. Look back at their past acts such as H.O.T. and Black Beat. Those groups, compared to the artists who were all incorporating hip-hop images, stood out like a sore thumb. This carried throughout from SM’s initial breakthrough to the company they are now, except they do it to cater to high-fashion and modern trends. Electric Shock is a good example of it. It’s bizarre, psychedelic and weird; just what SM likes.

      The only group that were given safe concepts so far in SM would be Girls’ Generation. They’re a traditional girl group, so I guess it’s inevitable. And Super Junior too, I guess, sans the promotional photos for Mr. Simple (a mess).

      • itsmysunshine

        Ugh tell me about Mr.Simple.. still got the ‘ew’ feeling everytime I saw their Mr.Simple’s photos. Don’t forget SHINee’s Sherlock teaser photos too.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I like Tablo’s solo album covers too. :)

    I personally like SHINee’s album covers a lot. They’re usually fairly simple, with just a nice shot of the boys, but the photo editing really makes them stand out to me. I like the recurring theme of the Matoki symbol on BAP albums, but my favorite is definitely still Bang & Zelo’s “Never Give Up” single cover. It had two playing cards with the Matoki on it. I thought that was clever.

    The cover for SPICA’s “Russian Roulette” was quite pretty; I liked the theme. I also like the cover for Secret’s “Madonna” mini. I’m also a fan of IU’s albums covers.

    My tastes are also usually pretty simple…like, really simple. :P I think John Park’s cover for “Knock” is awesome: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/John-Park-Knock-Mini-Album-Cover-KpopLyrics-336×280.jpg?e83a2c.

    It’s charming, okay? 

    SM artists’ Japanese covers are also really nice. I like the bright colors on SHINee’s and I think DBSK’s best covers have been in Japan (okay…maybe it’s just because there are more?). Anyways, I like album covers too. :)

    • Haibara Christie

      Mirotic Version C is ridiculously classy.  I wish they had more covers like that around. 
      But my favorites would definitely be the indie artist covers, like the Lucid Fall albums.

  • severely

    I understand the need to have a good cover. I went book shopping the other day, and it’s true: an interesting, appealing cover makes you more likely to pick up a book you’ve never heard of. Same would be true on music stores shelves.

    I love the albums I have, but I definitely agree that YG’s covers can be a bit dull.

  • http://twitter.com/citron0627 citron

    My favourite covers are f(x) minialbum nu ABO and J.ae – in love and Han Hee Jeong –  너의 다큐멘트.

    • Streby

      The whole Nu ABO concept was so gorgeous. I seriously had a huge girl-crush on Sulli when that came out. 

    • http://twitter.com/sentimentalx Joanne Kris

      The photo book that came along with the NU ABO mini album was absolutely gorgeous *___* But I really didn’t dig Krystal’s hair.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    As a set, I’m going to say that Infinite’s album covers are really good. They’re simple and there’s always the infinity symbol. 

  • Ditu3ka

    It seems I have a very different taste when it comes to album covers than the author but I totally agree that despite album cover not being as significant as it used to be, it´s still there to display an artist´s image and helps to sell the package. After all, most things we buy everyday we buy because they appeal to us visually.

  • danahz

    Lastly, Dalmatian, it was a fantastic debut mini album but the cover was a big fat mistake.
    I’m glad some knows their music is pretty good, or just the fact they exist.

    Covers: How I wish they made better album covers for Super Junior.

    • http://twitter.com/sentimentalx Joanne Kris

      Are you kidding? Dalmatian is absolutely amazing. Their latest album State of Emergency is great as well, not quite on the same level as the first mini but still worth listening. It’s too bad the MC Mong issue made an impact on their career since they belong under his label.

      • danahz

        I didn’t like State of Emergency as such either.

  • straighttohelvetica

    Super Junior’s last album cover looked like it was created in MS Paint.

  • Sophia_SB

    hundred percent with you on the YG front – their packaging is not only consistently unappealing but riddled with design flaws (BB’s Alive rusts, Nolza and Tonight had me worried I would break the CD before I could get it out and even the more successful packages make the photobooks hard to get to) I guess it’s all a part of their musical image -.-

  • http://twitter.com/veria10 Veria

    Caring about an album cover probably matters more if you’re going to buy the physical album. I have to agree that of all the albums listed, irrespective of music, I’d be less likely to buy Rain’s or say Dalmatian’s – they’re just terrible to look at, especially in comparison to some of the other ones.
    Overall I think Infinite has one of the best set of album covers; it’s simple, neat and always has their infinity sign. I have their Infinitze album and it’s really pretty to look at.
    My other favourite is Standing Egg, I love all of their covers. They always have a person and James the egg on their covers and I love how they vary the design. For instance, Keep Going looks like a children’s drawing and Lucky is a cartoon version. Again, it’s simple and a distinctive cover for the group.

  • Streby

    SHINee has the nicest album covers. I totally love both ‘Romeo’ and ‘Sherlock” SM’s use of white and space is excellent here. Another honourable mention is CN Blue’ though the cover itself is really basic, the inside layout is really clean and nice. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QWY3XABRR65SGRNPDABSYRUG3Q Jon

    I agree! Album covers are totally important! When I add music to iTunes, I like to add the album artwork as well, but only if I like the album cover. For one thing, when music is playing on my iPod, I like to see the album cover, but if the cover is bad I’d rather not see it at all, haha.

    I like simple ones, and they don’t even necessarily need to have the group members pictured in them. I really liked Hyuna’s Melting cover – it’s cute and simple, and visually appealing. I also really really like Infinite’s Infinitize album cover. It’s minimalistic but appealing to the eye. CNBlue usually has good album covers, like Ear Fun and First Step. Simple, clean, and not too flashy!

    Also, I guess it’s not a big deal, but I like when album art is a square… KPop albums tend to come in weird shapes/sizes, as you’ve written, and for some reason, the inconsistencies in size/shape bug me a little! But not that much, haha! I guess I’m just traditional/boring (?) lolOne more thing I’ve noticed. All you Seoulbeats writers seem to love the phrase “it’s no secret.” http://goo.gl/8nPU8 Just a little thing I found funny after reading a few articles these past couple days!

    • Gaya_SB

      Well, it’s no secret that I have the same preference for square album art; SNSD’s Run Devil Run is rectangular, so every time a song from it is played on my iPod there are those white strips to fill the space on either side of it, and I find that it just completely ruins the look. A small, rather inconsequential thing, but it still manages to drive me up the wall.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/QWY3XABRR65SGRNPDABSYRUG3Q Jon

        Haha, YES! I have that same problem. The same thing goes with horizontal ones, like Miss A’s newest album, or a bunch of After School albums… glad there are people out there who share this pain! :)

      • Haibara Christie

        ME TOO.

    • http://twitter.com/sentimentalx Joanne Kris

      This comment. sfm. 
      It drives me crazy when an album artwork is not square. I use cover flow for my ipod all the time and it frustrates me so much. 

      I agree, Hyuna’s Melting album is definitely her best to date, it just keeps getting better. As for Infinite I really dig their Only Tears single cover.

    • itsmysunshine

      One more thing I’ve noticed. All you Seoulbeats writers seem to love the phrase “it’s no secret.” http://goo.gl/8nPU8 Just a little thing I found funny after reading a few articles these past couple days!

      oh you’re so sharp! :D And yes, square cover ftw!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000627761204 André Vittor Souza

    I love The Rain Cover is so cool as well as dalmatian.