• http://twitter.com/Noobologie Jub Jub

    Dunno what ELFs will say when they stumble across this writers’ chat. *Looking at articles about Leeteuk leaving for the army* *shivers*
    Thinking about BAP coming back every week sent chills down my spine too. LOL.

  • itsmysunshine

    my mum and I were watching SHINee‘s “Dazzling Girl” on TV when she turned to me and said:
    “I don’t know which are the guys and which are the girls.”

    Lol, exactly what my sister told me when I asked her to watch some SHINee videos with me. Well, since we’re on the subject of nightmare, my greatest kpop nightmare is the never-stop-debuting trend of rookie groups. I am scared for these kids to be honest, how they debut so fast under the pressure of being outstanding in the sea of rookies and already established groups. And in such young age, that must be hard.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    I really think hyuna proved that sex sells, but then again when has sex haven’t sold?

    anyways. I’m going to be scared that when SHINee is 28-29 they would still be doign the cutieboy concept… that’s just no. unacceptable!

  • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

    My biggest fear is that Obama and Romney will each try to dance to ‘Gangnam Style’ in their campaigns. I will poke my eyes out with knitting needles if that happens. I am also afraid that I will give up my last shred of self control and color my hair like G-Dragon in Crayon.

    • straighttohelvetica

      Gangnam-style Romney has already happened … sorta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG3vDTNUQBQ

      • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

        Ahhh.. I poked one eye out for the fake Romney. On my way to get my memory washed to remove this image…

  • http://twitter.com/SrilathaR Srilatha Rajamani

    My biggest fear is that Obama and Romney will each try to dance to ‘Gangnam Style’ in their campaigns. I will poke my eyes out with knitting needles if that happens. I am also afraid that I will give up my last shred of self control and color my hair like G-Dragon in Crayon.

  • Vivian Le

    I don’t get it. Why is Leetuk considered annoying?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VXXNQ5Y46HB7AJA2QNNO4BJULA Fadhil

      i also don’t get it. How u not find him annoying?

  • Aoren1703

    My greatest fear is that Taecyeon, Chansung, Nichkhun, and Sohee make a sub-unit with Sohee is the main vocals, Taec as the lead dancer, Chan as the lead singer and Khun as vocals/main rapper. That would be the day i stop loving JYPNation. Just kidding even then I wouldn’t stop liking them but JYP would definitely gets some side eye for allowing that catastrophe to ever take place.

    In all seriousness my Kpop fear is that people will never realize how hardworking and awesome the Wonder Girls are.

    Another fear is the f(x) never gets and official fanclub name.

    Oh and that 2NE1 won’t come back with an album this year.

    • AcadiasFire

      I agree about Wonder Girls. I finally listened to them Christmas of last year. My first song by them was Be My Baby. Even though alot of people say that song was dissapointing I really liked it. But they really do work hard and I’ve gained a soft spot for them lol

      • Aoren1703

        Me too, although I know they aren’t the most popular, I have an eternal soft spot for Wonder Girls :-)

  • k_db

    As an avid manga fan, when I read “Jin from Bleach” i was like… who?  Was it a filler character from the anime?  Then I realized it’s Ichimaru Gin. And I agree Leeteuk does look like him. LOL

    • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

      OMG I remember him now. The guy who acted nice and was always smiling, then you find out her is a murdering lunatic……..great thank you. They do look alike, and Leeteuk had his hairstyle before he shaved it off. 

      Oh gosh, now I’m creeped out. 

    • kmoo4986

       THIS!!!! OMG I didn’t know Suju til the Bonamana era and when I first saw Leeteuk I was like Gin in the flesh!!! So it’s not just me LOL!!!

  • http://Ohheybuu.tumblr.com/ Nini Buu

    My biggest fear is for amazing singers to not be recognized. 

    • AcadiasFire

      Soooooooo true

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VAG2JJTUCBHK7NE6HHD7RPDX2Y Wunmi

    seriously Leetuk’s thing about joining the army was ridiculous!!! ur not the only idol to do it brother…u were not the first n u wont be the last!!! Sheesh!!! My biggest fear is, as mentioned above, Hyuna being the new iconic female solo idol…if that happens, m gonna rage quit. Also idol groups debuting with younger n younger members… the day i see a 12 year old in KPOP is also another day i G-quit!!(although T-ara cut it close with that 14-year old Dani chick)

    • AcadiasFire

      They had a girl group like that already, bottom line….terrible O_O Seriously. Halloween came early that time. I guess its because their voices weren’t properly developed yet that they slapped on all that damn autotune.

  • http://twitter.com/PrInCeSs_BeNo 1↓♥взиo

    Leeteuk is the best..
    Haters gonna hate~
    And i will not reply back to trolls ,not gonna feed you ,lol
    (P.S;your life must be really hard haters , you are wasting your time chasing
    successful people’s life, when the day you grow up in , you will realize how pity you used to be ^^)this is not only for teuk’s trolls, but to all trollshaters outta here!

  • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

    I don’t know how to say this nicely (and I know that A LOT of people will disagree with me), but Tiffany freaks me out.  That’s it.  She just makes my skin crawl.  And speaking of SM, I’m afraid that Super Junior is going to break up.  I know it will happen, and honestly, it’s not like their music has been super spectacular in the last couple of years… but I’m just attached I guess.  But it freaks me out more that they will become ajusshis and still be doing rehashes of “Sorry Sorry”.

    Oh, and that U-Kiss will dissolve into oblivion, and AJ will never come back, and they wouldn’t have had a win…  and also, that something horrible might happen to one of the T-ara members as a result of their crazy CEO.  That someone will die in an accident.  And yeah, I hope debuting groups die down for a while.  Seriously peeps.

    Also, it freaks me out to think that girl and boy group members are being sexually abused.

    On that not-so-hilarious note, thanks for writing this roundtable!  I particularly enjoyed this one! You people are hilarious and wonderful!!

    • Cristy Yeung

      Aw, I really like Tiffany. What is about her that freaks you out? Have you always felt that way about her, or is there something she did to cause it?

      • http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

        You know that feeling when you see or meet someone and they just irk you? For no reason at all?  Just everything about them irks you?  That’s how I feel about Tiffany.  I sort of wished I liked her and I can sort of see her appeal, but I just don’t feel it.  And she speaks English like a stereotypical Cali girl, which is not cute.  I guess I like women in K-pop who are less cute.

    • 271828

       I love Tiffany but I embrace her flaws. One of them is speaking english. My skin crawls when I hear her speak in english because she is 23 but she sounds like she’s still 15. “her cali accent is soo cute omg” NO it sounds immature and childish.
      My nightmare that has already happened: Tiffany singing Rolling in the deep. LIVE.

    • Sentimental Muffin

      ‘But it freaks me out more that they will become ajusshis and still be doing rehashes of “Sorry Sorry”.’

      Lmao, that would be epic. I can already see that happening.

    • AcadiasFire

      Omz don’t scare me like that about U-Kiss!!! I agree though. I’m super scared for them :/

  • Gaya_SB

    I remember when I first saw Kai with the tattoos, completely FREAKED OUT.

  • MEalways

    OMO o_O!
    I’m so afraid of any SuJu, Exo, SHINee ‘comeback’ teasers.
    What if they half naked all the members (whichever the group is) and show skinny abs?
    Give the impression of diets go wrong and art-porn?
    Or give half the members extension hair?
    Since sex sell… but in these contents…
    Do I have to worry? 

    Also afraid that T-Ara being overworked, overused, overexposed, over…. The youngest is just 14 years old… They made mistake, move on. But with the pressure and management like that… Guess it’s a Halloween every time for them.

    And I most afraid of saturated and overwhelming quantity of new groups and older groups that keep pour in Kpop. Lately, I don’t watch any music shows (as in Inkigayo,Music Bank, etc…), because it’s now like watching and listening to the same recording all over again. And yet, idols are working head over heels just to keep their head above the water… Mixed feelings here.

    What if Halloween never ends?
    OMO o_O!

  • chanrae

    Due to the fact that I am used to the trolling ways of a certain entertainment company. I have NO FEAR.

  • Almira Agathas

    That Taemin bowl cut hair scared the shit outta me! o_O

  • Sophia_SB

    I never knew Leeteuk could inspire such fear! Seriously though, he’s my Super Junior bias but even I spend most days wanting to hit him with something – hard. But then I let my inner stan out to cry about the injustice of it all and I feel a little better (LEADER HWAITING!!1!)

    Personal biggest fear – SHINee disbanding. I think I could take it from any other group, but watching them this year has been heartbreaking ;-; and someone else mentioned it below, but the idea that any of our idols might have been subjected to sexual harassment (a la One World Ent.) gives me actual chills on an entirely more serious level.

    • itsmysunshine

      I don’t want SHINee to be disbanded either, but idk they’ve been giving me weird vibes lately, especially after they started their Japan promotion :/

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    I agree with you Natalie on EXO NEVER COMING BACK. As much as I loved MAMA and listened to it for the nth time, I don’t want to be listening to that forever. The screamo part still gives me the freaks.

  • Sentimental Muffin

    These comments are really scary. A stagnant SHINee leading to a disbanding SHINee, I might start to short circuit.

    Just to be dramatic my kpop fears is that girl groups will start twerking in their MV. Yikes the horror!!

    And this whole thing about being tanned or light-skinned. My 2nd fear would be that songwriters start using terms like yellow-bone or red-bone while referring to their lover’s skin tone in a song.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UKVFJRHSGI6S4GAWPAACC6Q3CI heartzeal*

    My kpop/variety nightmare would be no more yoo jae suk due to scandal or something worse and big bang not putting out new music anymore (fading into oblivion) or breaking up.

  • http://twitter.com/nikkicomehere Nicole Ahn

    Zico’s dreadlock mullet pretty much killed any fear I’ve ever had for idol hair disasters. There is no topping that.
    I fear that Daesung and T.O.P.’s solo albums will never see the light of day.I love Hoya and DongWoo to death but I am not looking forward to Infinite-H. I fear that all the B.A.P. members will be bald before they turn 25. 

    • AcadiasFire

      I was thinking the same thing about B.A.P. O_O Seriously they need to calm down with the hair dying. Their hair is to luscious for that xD

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I also fear for BAP’s hair. Poor baby Zelo. His hair will probably be gone by 20. :(

      Then they can be BALD Asian People. :P

  • Black_Plague

    God, there’s a LOT to fear about Kpop from this point – or at least be horribly embarrassed about, especially for me because I’m Korean myself >__>. Some of the writers’ comments are such I agree with. A 2PM subunit consisting of Chansung, Taecyeon and Nickhun will make me want to say the quote out loud “I don’t want to live in this planet anymore”. Sohee getting solo work would be just as bad – and even worse by the fans actually that try to justify that sort of jacked up shit.

    JYP has always been a pretty lowly agency in my view but if either of those two situations occur…blerp;; may as well shun the agency completely.

    I personally wouldn’t be too concerned of Leeteuk after he comes back. By then, the other Suju members would be doing their time as well. Of course, it doesn’t deny that he’s a desperate attention seeker who annoys the hell out of a lot of people (if he gets hazed in the ROKA, I won’t be surprised).

    One thing I’d be terribly scared of (and still am) is VIPs comparing GD or/and TOP with more actual rappers like Dynamic Duo, Epik High, E.via, MC Sniper, Outsider etc. Makes me cringe everywhere.

    Next nightmare – a T-ara member (literally) dying from exhaustion as a result of being severely overworked or being kicked out of the group for unjustified reasons like Hwayoung. The reaction would probably pale the amount seen from the scandal some months back.

    Number 3 – this goes in line with Tiffany’s supposed composed song; SNSD members being officially designated as rappers and more ‘raps’ put in their songs. I have a soft spot for the group since they were the first idol group I was a fan of but rapping is something they need to stay the FUCK out of at all costs.

    Nightmare No.4 – Davichi following the same fate as SG Wannabe – vanishing into irrelevance.

    Number 5 – Another incident comparable to Open World Entertainment. I dread this quite severely as the OWE case put an immense shatter on my opinion of K-entertainment’s behind-the-scenes.

    And last of all, Shindong dodging the draft purposely by fattening himself up again so he won’t pass the physical requirements prior to boot camp. He. Needs. To. Go. ASAP.

  • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

    Apparently Leeteuk scares a lot of people. Only time he scares me is when he starts opining his mouth, and I’m screaming at him to keep it shut before he lands himself in hot water again.

    My biggest fear is Hyuna becoming popular, and me having to listen to her songs on the radio, TV, grocery stores, etc. It might sound mean but I just don’t want her representing kpop. Ya she has a lot of stage presence but I don’t want kpop to be known as pretty people that are entertaining but have no talent. That is only one side of kpop and I rather that people are shown the best side, 

    I’m actually not afraid of suju breaking up. Their going to start their subgroups again since Leeteuk is gone. Subgroups have always been their forte, and I am looking forward to suju M and Suju KRY. They should make other groups like suju j, for the Japanese market. Their overseas promotions are better than their Korean ones. 

    I am afraid for UKISS though. How long can they go on without no major support from their home country? I love Kevin, I don’t want him gone!

    I am also afraid that one of my biases will  die, I got loads of biases! It’s gonna happen sooner or latter! Plus I’m afraid of Gangnam Style. I have already seen other kpop idols dissed because others thought PSY was so much cooler than them. I already see that they will be a divide between the PSY fans and then the kpop fans. 

    there is a lot to be scared for, and I think Leeteuk and all the bad hairstyles or outfits are the least of our problems, 

  • AcadiasFire

    My fear is about my number 1 group U-Kiss. I just feel so bad for them because their so talented but one bad debut song and a lukewarm follow up landed them into the ocean and no one’s throwing them a hook to give them a second chance. Also I’m afraid of people who are fans of Gangnam Style…I mean people who are new to kpop. I know practically all of them haven’t continued their research after Gangnam Style to see if their are other kpop groups out there that they might like. I’m also scared that that is all they expect kpop to be. With how Psy is showing it. Don’t get me wrong I love Gangnam Style but its scary.

  • sansai9 san

    wow.. so much hates for Leeteuk. even I’m not his fan, I don’t think he’s that annoying. maybe it’s just part of his job as an mc. Leeteuk is not perfect, of course he has flaws.. which is human. maybe his biggest mistake is because his ‘idol’ title, when perfection of idols is what most kpopfans looking for. In reality, we don’t know what kind of person they are. it is possible that other idols have worse attitude than Leeteuk, right? artists/ idols are human, they have good and bad side, so why we, fans, should demand perfection from those idols. saying that you are afraid Leeteuk never leaving kpopscene (I don’t know if she was joking or not. but if she’s serious) is like asking someone to quit his main job. if you don’t like him, leave him.
    although some kpopfans hate Leeteuk, but on the other side.. it seems he is well-loved and respected by his friends, family, colleague. I don’t think he will have a good career if he has such bad attitude.

    anyway, Im also afraid if something bad happen to Shinee. I don’t know in what position they are right now in SM. some fans think that exo will replace super junior. but I think they won’t. Super junior has already existed for years, they also have steady position in kpop and of course loyal fanbase. it is different from Shinee, this band has a lot of potential, their journey still so far, but it seems their steps will be overlapped by exo. I just hope something that happened to CSJH in the past won’t happen to Shinee.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      The CSJH thing can never happen to SHINee because in the first place, SHINee has been much more successful and popular than CSJH has ever been. They won’t disappear that easily. I love CSJH, but they just didn’t really click with the public and the idol fans. The times were different then, and things were just beyond anyone’s control.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    My biggest fear is that Kpop will eventually take the western imitation too far and imitate something that should never be — like Korean Road Rules or Korean Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    • straighttohelvetica

      K-Pop Kidz Bop, anyone?

  • Mika_San123

    Considering that Kpop’s all about the idol groups, I guess my biggest fear should, naturally, be about the group no longer being a group. So technically, the Kpop nightmare has already happened for me (and all the other Cassies), with the five members of DBSK and all.

    So my second biggest fear is Shinhwa’s breakup. Because, right now, their legacy represents hope and possibility. That it’s possible for boyband members to love each other, to be best friends forever. And if they ever broke up… well, I’ll just become completely disillusioned and never believe in Kpop brotherhood or sisterhood again.

  • ghazal maleki

    f(x) having no official fanclub name or having no solo concert .sm idols never see the light of sun & just stay in boxes.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      I don’t think f(x) or EXO will ever have an official fanclub. My theory is that SM thinks their fanclubs are preventing more casual listeners from liking SM groups, so they are hoping that by not having them, they will appear that they are making music for everyone and not just the fanclubs.

      • ghazal maleki

        well it sounds legit

  • Ditu3ka

    LOL. So far, one of the best Roundtables! Thank you guys.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    “I’m also afraid that 8eight will never make another song now that Lee-hyun is in the army (and props to him for going in without making a disgusting big deal about it like Someone Else We Could Mention).”
    BURN. XD
    And Yoo Jae Suk will never get in a scandal. The world will stop spinning. If that ever happens, I feel like my life will have been a lie. I can’t imagine it happening.

    God, if I see Kwanghee on any more variety shows…well, I won’t shoot myself, but I’d like to shoot him. It was bad enough that he was on “To the Beautiful You”. My enjoyment of the terrible, over-used plot was disturbed by his high-pitched voice. :P

    Regarding TVXQ’s awful styling…I have to say I think that the owl/carpet suits aren’t as bad as their white shorts/sweater and silver shirt combination in the “Catch Me” MV….those were bad.

    Worst nightmare: TVXQ break-up drama never ending.

    Unfortunately, it will probably come true. :/

  • b55555b

    my fear is the clothes. IT’S ALWAYS THE CLOTHES. DBSK’s “Why” would have been diddly awesome if it weren’t for those moth suits ::shudders::

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    Another terrifying teaser like the poor naked boys of SHINee, I can’t, i just can’t…

    Oh and big bang disbanding </3

  • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

    My greatest fear is SNSD going Suju with the shitty songs. Wait, that already happened (with Paparazzi and now Flower Power), but hey, their fans will buy anything nonetheless, even from their greatest fans here (editors and writers of seoulbeats).

    Another fear is Epik High going YGE aka Big Bang and 2NE1….Oh but, but….It has happened already. I guess from now on, all YGE products will either sound like Big Bang and 2NE1 or Psy, and the world will lap it all up like they are the creator of music.

  • intheshort

    Another French boy concept. 

  • destinyanglin

    My fear is that SM will totally and completely forget about f(x). Also, that one of the members *coughAMBERcough* is going to do a dissappearing act.

    “Oh, and that picture of EXO-M’s Kris when the MCs at KCON kept calling them “Exo-K.”

    what pic? I MUST SEE

  • http://www.facebook.com/mayraperalta.l Mayra Peralta

    Danna just put all my thoughts in her comment! so far one of my biggest fears had already became real with Epik High’s comeback as a Big Bang’s older brothers version…. CREEPY! I don’t hate Big Bang or anything but the whole thing it’s just so discouraging and lame! I’m just hoping  YJS will never be involved in a scandal á la KHD or Big Bang… the day it gets to happen, you can consider me dead. But of course I can’t help but agree with the simple and short comment from intheshort, she just made a point there and summarize all my feelings ‘Another French boy concept. ‘

  • simpleseoulutions

    bowl cuts and ahjumma hair.
    that’s all i can think of…

  • black_rose45000

    “I also fear the day that Yoo Jae-suk becomes embroiled in some scandal a la Kang Ho-dong; I don’t think the K-variety sphere currently has anyone qualified to step in to take his place.”
    Omg, that’s what I’ve been feeling about Shin Dong Yup >.< Though I totally agree, I hope Yoo stays clean too :(

    "And Leeteuk never leaving the K-pop scene. But at least I get a two-year break before he comes back.
    Fatouma: Shivers. Can I take back my idol death fear and replace it with Leeteuk never leaving K-pop, even after enlistment?"
    ROFL! I thought I was in the minority who wanted him gone.

    "Kwanghee is slowly but steadily starting to take over Leeteuk’s role in the variety airwaves. He’s already doing the We Got Married stint, next he’ll be co-hosting Star King alongside Kang Ho-dong."
    I thought Kang Ho Dong was out? and is that real about Gwanghee hosting SK? : I like this kid, he's like a breath of fresh air, but still. There's only so much he can do.

    "I’m also afraid that 8eight will never make another song now that Lee-hyun
    is in the army (and props to him for going in without making a
    disgusting big deal about it like Someone Else We Could Mention). "
    Someone who? : I only know of Lee Hyun and Joo Hee from Immortal Song, and I loved what I saw. They seem to be great artists.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VQWAZA5MIQJFIC2ZIHDPRD7IDU Dace

    Jasper: About the fear of having a Kpop group younger than you, kindly check out GP Basic. At the time of their debut in 2010 (they’ve had a few releases since), the average age of the group was 15, with the youngest at 13. O.o

    • http://www.facebook.com/marshmellowbelly Christina Xu

      the average age when they debuted was actually 12 or 11. and the youngest member was 11. -_-

  • http://twitter.com/lori_senpai laura m

    My biggest k-pop fear is SHINee disbanding just like TVXQ. I get shivers just by thinking about it.