Welcome back to another instalment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take time out of the week to curate a set of photos from the K-pop landscape.

Contrast always adds something interesting. Whether it’s a contrast in music styles for K-pop idols or playing the boy-next-door after playing a murderer in a K-drama, dichotomy makes for fun times. Similarly, today’s collection of photos leans into a “sunshine” or a “midnights” type of theme. From Jeong Yi-seo‘s sweetness-personified look — and her tanghulu lips complete with a strawberry touch — to resident K-pop vampires, Enhypen, take a look through the pictorials below.

(Images via GQ, Vogue, Double Flag, Esquire, Mag & Jina, Allure, Cosmopolitan, RBW Entertainment, eyesmag, Marie Claire, Dicon, Cube Entertainment.)