• Anon

    I love that you mentioned Outsider, I really love his music so I’m glad he was mentioned here.

  • Judith Mopalia

    “The division becomes especially prominent when noticing the lack of translations of lyrics. . .” yes, very frustrating. I can’t find translations even for most of Cho Yong-Pil’s latest songs. I’m perfectly willing to struggle through the idiocy that results from a Google Translate version, but when people wonder why K-Pop never makes it in the US, it’s because it remains largely inaccessible without a lot of effort.

    • Anon

      I mean Wonder Girls made an effort and even that didn’t work.

  • The Green Witch

    Lack of translation… Ugh I remember digging the internet quite obsessively for Saltnpaper (or more known as MYK maybe) translations. It took me almost a week to find trans for Heartstorm. Thankfully 2 songs outta 5/6 is already in English so lesser load.

    I’m excited for collabs between idols and non-idols tbh. It’s really annoying to see people exclaim how their oppars and unnirs are the best thing since baked potatoes and how they are queens and shall slay the entire universe, and yet dismiss genuine compositions and more experienced singers that have more brilliance than your standard K-pop fare. Collabs is exposure. Props to shows like Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook also, other than Immortal Song 2. I discover a lot of artists due to these shows.

    [And I need my JaejoongxSunggyuxNellxCherry FilterxYounha collab pls fast before the former two enlist.]

    • TheJadeBullet

      That collaboration sounds as though it may potentially kill us all… I’m down for it to happen.

      • The Green Witch

        Best to prepare extra hearts and ovaries while we wait for it tbh XD

  • Doom Starks

    While I’m not going to try and say that K-pop is not at its heart music because it is even if it isn’t always that good. While the focus needs to be the music it needs to be catchy or memorable etc image is 200 percent more important for idols than less mainstream musicians. Kpop for the most part is like a bait and switch where a kpop fan will find something to be disappointed in be it the visuals or the music. Look at CL’s questionable solo, fans still appreciated the image she presented even if they thought the actual song was not up to snuff. I’m not deriding Kpop for having an image-centric approach as it helps fill the seats but regardless of the amount of talent any members or group has it will always be tied to image. Quality does not equal popularity. People remember H.O.T. songs and Fink.l songs what they listen to is a horse of a different color.

  • cbuzz

    yes I always love collaborations between idols and non idols like Amoeba Culture artists getting involved with Infinite H and MBLAQ. Loved those songs. Hope others will start collaborating and lend their talents to idols. I’m somewhat hoping for Tasha or Tiger jk to collaborate with one of the more talented idols like Infinite, MBLAQ and others so its not too off balanced. like maybe Hyorin and Tasha or…….I don’t know who for Tiger