• http://twitter.com/twinnersc Gracie

    I wasn’t crazy at all about “G.D.M” but I loved “Celebrate” and I’ve only turned into a fangirl with the newest album.  I love these guys, and I wish they were appreciated A LOT more, especially since they are so involved with the making of their music.

    I love everything off of the “Illusion” album (which I just ordered!!) and that they’ve utilized Kangnam’s vocals more and given more balance between the raps and vocals.  I love the direction that they seem to be going in, and since they’ve been getting more and more refined thus far, I have very high hopes for this group.

    I love “Everything is Obvious”, “Hands Up” (I’m a huge fan of SIMS), “Beautiful Day” are my favorites from the first album.  “Dutch Pay” is probably my favorite off the new album, but everything else is awesome as well.  And I love the “G.D.M” remix on it as well, much more than the original versions. Plus, the remixes are actual remixes and are really good.

  • http://twitter.com/makiloverainbow Maki Iglesias

    Thank you for this review article. Thank you for introducing me to their music. M.I.B. just earned a new fan.

  • Momostar

    Omg thank you Paloma , you said everything that i was thinking :) I have to say I only found out that Jungle Entertainment had debuted a group during late 2011. So when i went to check out their song i had high hopes since thats where some of the greatest hip hop artists are from. Unfortunately i was dissapointed with single G.D.M , so when i heard they were gonna do another song , i was eager to see their new song ; to be honest it wasn’t great (sorry). However i did see the member showcase that they had talent, so when they brought out their new single which i think is  called  only hard for me, i  liked it. But to be truthful i really like the other songs in the album as well. Now lemme ask a question that has been running through my mind, WHO IS HAFSA???? I like her voice and her name clearly shows that she’s mixed or part korean. Since Hafsa is a common name in my country (Somalia).
     Once again i thank you Paloma for the refreashing article 
    From a loyal reader in London ^-^/
    Btw excuse any spelling or grammer mistakes , im not feeling myself :)