• banana boo

    Great review. I couldn’t agree with you more. Listening to Nell can be emotionally exhausting because of the wide range of emotion their music evokes but the experience is almost addicting. Their music makes you feel things and in my opinion that is exactly what music is supposed to do.

  • jajangmyeon

    First of all, it’s ‘Slip Away’ not ‘Slipping Away’. Sorry but i have to.

    Nice review, and surprisingly your review is quite close with what Nell said about the songs, especially on Haven and Walk Out. http://music.naver.com/promotion/specialContent.nhn?articleId=3981
    You got their message right, i guess….

    Overall i’m agree with you review with the exception of Boy-X. Maybe because this is my favorite track off the album and i’m being biased, or maybe because what i got from this song is that it’s angry. it’s mad, it’s on ‘fuck you, fuck them, and everything in between’ mood. It’s harsh, and that’s it. My least favorite from this album is Ocean of Light, the title track, albeit really strong, comes off having the weakest appeal to me. I don’t know about the others but Nell’s songs always lead me astray from whatever i do into the world of Nell. They’re something that can’t be used as background or you can multitask on. They’re heavy and demanding your full attention. The main stage that’s getting your attention whether you want it or not. And Walk Out, is the perfect outro that will bring us back to our real life, heavily longing for Nell’s world. Really not advised to be listened at work, or maybe i’m the only one feeling that effect, haha

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      Thanks for the catch. (This is when I go facepalm for messing that up…)

    • emsterz

      Gee you’re so right about the cant be used as background thing. I’m having exams now and let’s just say things are not going well, and I just find myself going ‘fuck it, whatever’. Nell’s amazing.

  • Ariel2003

    Listening to Nell since 2003 and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. This relationship would probably last until I die, longer than any meaningful relationship I’ve ever had.

  • shannie4888

    Excellent review and I love Robert Frost. I had to do a poetry analysis on 20 of his poems and “The Road Not Taken” is a favorite of mine.

    Nell’s album really did it for me. “Haven” is also my favorite song and I love the outro, although I do wish it was longer, but it’s still so beautiful and adds such perfect closure to the album.

    All in all, I plan on listening to this album repeatedly because Nell puts me in a certain state of mind–they make me think of rain, conflicted emotions, and those unsure moments in my life. I just love how they make me think and feel and this album is a continuation of the emotion they pour into their music and how you experience it with them.

  • JP

    Fantastic review! But unfortunately it doesn’t not take Nell’s musical past completely into account. First, I do agree with you that this album especially Ocean of light and Boy X use musical sound that is more electronic and synth rich, which lends the song fullness that Slip away did not have. But you are wrong in that this is their first album that has such musical richness.

    For Nell, the trend of using electronic/synth sound was never new. And if I were to go with your analogy electronic sound was never the road not taken for them. Their music has always had this flavor if you listen to their old albums from 2006 and 2008. It might not be as glaring as Boy-X in Escaping gravity, but the flavors of electronic/synth were present as early as Healing process in 2006.

    On the other hand, their full album Slip Away (April 2012) was an anomaly as it was their most minimalist album to date. This stands even more true because few months later in December of 2012 Nell released what would Part I to Escaping Gravity i.e. Holding onto Gravity. The title song White Night is most representative of their sound and is also what I am dubbing Ocean of Light Part I. White Night has the same rich electronic/synth sounds that you talk about and still maintains the ethereal quality of their minimalistic work in Slip Away.

    Hence, my conclusion would be that the current sound of Escaping Gravity was Nell returning back to their original road (albeit w/ little more pizzazz) after falling off of it for Slip Away. But barring their incomplete history of music in the review, what I agree with most in your review is your conclusion. In the end its Nell and they have never failed to make music that is heart wrenching, sincere, light and empyreal even if they use heavy sounds of electronic synthesizer.

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      They have been influenced by electronic and synths from the beginning, but not as far as they’ve taken it in “Escaping Gravity.” Slip Away and albums previous were famous for being very explicit about the artistry behind the album. Escaping Gravity’s artistry is not as clear to the layman’s ear–especially if you’re one to listen to Coldplay’s brand of music. That’s the point I was trying to get at.

  • darkchocolatecoffee

    Great review!!! I would say that Escaping Gravity is a new leaf growing on an old branch where there are other leaves (ie. the other times when Nell came up with songs that you never expect them to come up with) because Escaping Gravity is not exactly a departure yet it is still Nell through and through. I love Boy-X the most right now because the roughness is just too raw. It is like a song that bares Nell to us, the listeners. “Strike three and you’re out” – I just feel like saying that to people sometimes! Now that Nell actually put those feelings into proper words, I may actually use it!

  • Johnelle

    Ah, Nell and Frost–two of my favorite Things. Nice review Shweta!

  • you’rePressed

    They don’t disappoint no matter what path they take. Beautiful album and Haven is beyond something I can explain, really emotional.