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    I love this album, it’s amazing. And I really think it’s a big stepping stone for Nell and definitely a stand out amongst K-Indie releases. <3

  • Fresh Lemons

    I would have to say so far for this year when it comes to albums, “Slip Away” is the best so far. This whole album feels like it could be turn into a musical. Nell is one of the few bands that if they were in the American market they would succeed, especially with this album. Currently my favorite song is “Losing Control”. The track is simple but very powerful and with the cursing, you can feel his anger while singing it. Listening to this after hearing kpop groups one after another, “Slip Away” reminds me that there is extraordinary music in South Korean that has meaning, that attempts to connect with the listener instead of being all flashy and visual pleasing with choreography. I would even go far to say that Nell can even teach quite a few artist in America about producing music with substance.

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    I’m hitting myself on the head for not finding out about these guys sooner. I’m  blown away, I literally have no words to describe how good they are and how much i liked the entire album. I listened to the whole album 3-4 times now and I can’t stop. The sound, the vocals, the lyrics, oh God the lyrics. I could listen to it for the rest of my life. Thank you seoulbeats for introducing me to this band. 

  • http://twitter.com/pinkskiesinmars Raquel

    This album is brilliant. I love it since I first listened to it and, as you’ve said is hearbreaking but said sadness is performed in such a beautiful manner that you can’t not listen to it and appreciate it for the amazing music it is. And I agree with you and the other person that commented about Nell’s possibilities on the international market. Nell really is an oustanding band and their music is deep, gorgeous, and really suited to appeal all kind of music lovers. They are the band I send to some of my non-kpop fans friends, because I know that they will appreciate it no matter what. :)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3FNTMQP2AMKXVDKBXKBUM2AWDE Ahadisti

    i don’t know if it even proper to categorize Nell as K-pop since i believe that K-pop is referring to korean pop music and Nell is nowhere near “pop”. Their past works are more to rock, with the flavor of British alternative rock sound. Yet they progressed to softer sound with more album released, “Healing Process” album owned me completely and when i heard they’re gonna comeback this year (LOL i remember we even call Woollim as “Trollim” since they only wrote “this year” at the end of Nell’s comeback trailer video. How could they tease like that?) 

    I actually expecting a louder sound as the one they shown is “Cliff Parade”, yet surprisingly they released “The Day Before” as the title track. As i put the whole “Slip Away” album right after “Healing Process”, i was struck that it fits so much i can say “Slip Away” is the continuity of “Healing Process”… then the 4-years gap between those two albums become nonexist. Their works are truly a journey, and it’s a journey i’m thankfully took part in.

  • http://musictology.wordpress.com/ Musictology – Eduipe

    The page of poem that is flashed in the MV is that of Berger’s “3. Leaving”, a part of [8 Poems on Emigration]. The collection, which appears in “Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos” ruminates on what it means to be uprooted, to be away from one’s origin, and to build home.
    Great review btw, i enjoyed how well you tried to cover all basis, rich in detail.
    Also thank you very much for such a generous remark : )

    • syvellium

      Thank you for this! I was hoping someone out there would help me verify the source of the passage; it was bothering me since the language barrier prevented me from personally being able to verify what others mused to be the source. If you don’t mind, I’ll make the appropriate corrections in the article to so future readers aren’t misled.

      • http://musictology.wordpress.com/ Musictology – Eduipe

        For your reading pleasure:

         3. Leaving



        Endure long enough

        Tracks vanish

        Under snow

        The white embrace

        Of leaving

        I have tried to write the truth on trains

        Without an ear

        The tongue takes flight

        Clings to a single word

        The train is crossing a bridge

        Black ice collects

        On each letter

        S A V A

        My river

        *spacing for this poem is horrendous, urgh. Shame.

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    oh God, i liked “Healing Process” too much i wrote “Healing Process” instead of “Separation Anxiety” as the album that preceding “Slip Away”  -_-” Sorry!

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    I just want to give them all of the awards for this album. 

  • Soysauce11

    Wooooo a review!! I’ve been waiting for this review since the album came out, and I want to go ahead and commend the writer of this article. The review is organized, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.
    On to the album itself, I’m so impressed with Nell. I rarely ever download whole albums, and when i do, it takes a while for me to listen to every track; yet Slip Away captivated me for days. The order of the tracks is also important; it tells a story with dynamic, poetry, and beautiful music.
    My favorite track has to be Go. Being a non- Korean listener , I tend to get drawn into the melody and the music a lot more than the lyrics; Go definitely has the first two down, and when I looked up the lyrics, it made me appreciate the song even more .
    I had no clue that Kim Jong Wan speaks fluent English, so at first, I was very impressed with Losing Control and Beautiful Stranger. The emotions in his singing, to me, is the most important in these two songs. Everything is on point, and the lyrics (thank goodness) follow all grammatical rules.
    As for your theory of K-Indie making a bigger and first dent in America: I think that is completely plausible. I remember posting a link to Clover’s (Standing Egg) single on FB, and a couple of my non-Asian friends took notice immediately. They have no affiliations with K-pop and my town, being predominantly white and Southern, has noo pretext of Korean music. They see good music as is, so yes, I would definitely anticipate Nell’s success if they ever want to promote overseas.

  • http://twitter.com/mattachanteeq daniaa

    this album… is.. the…. BOMB!

    took me some time to listen to it fully without skipping tracks, but when i did, i’m glad i took the time. because by the time hopeless valentine came on, i’m a mess of a wibbling sobbing girl just overwhelmed with music, voices and emotions. cliff parade and hopeless valentine are my current favourites, but i don’t think it will ever topple separation anxiety as my favourite nell song ever. seriously, separation anxiety is basically what i want to tell to people around me everytime i screw up my life and people just pass through me without a second glance.

    it’s kind of hard being me, i’m broken, i realise this,
    but it’d be wonderful if you still wanted me,
    if only i could be patched up, i’d be rather beautiful, 
    so don’t give up on me, i beg of you

    nell is forever relevant, i swear. i’d remember that chorus forever, i know i will.

  • ggoma

    This album is amazing. I have all the previous albums. This is by far, IMO, their best, even though I adore their older songs. I feel like there has been a gradual improvement in music, though the lyrics have always been stunning.

    As for “The Day Before” (Why is it translated to this, honestly? or the Korean title “The Things that Remain” – I really really think it’s wrong to assume that Jae Rim’s character is his lover. I really hate that it’s been taken that way.

    I also dislike that people are losing some of the ambiguity in the Korean lyrics by translating various parts like for 이별 they are translating it to “breakup” but it can also just simply be “farewell”, etc.

    I think this is not a traditional “love song”, but rather a song about loss in a more general sense and possibly about losing someone to suicide more specifically.

    As for the music video itself – I feel that it’s not assisted suicide or allowed suicide. Due to John Berger’s ideas about peoples’ souls being left in film, I think that the video is about LMK’s character previously committing suicide and filming it and SJR’s character searching for answers as to why and also simply wanting to see him again. So according to Berger’s ideas, he can truly still experience the person’s soul in film. So he watches the film and through that tries to communicate with him. But in the end, I feel that he doesn’t get the real answers he is looking for but simply is able to find some closure and acceptance.

    I think this is simply about the grieving process.

    • Black_winds

      “I really really think it’s wrong to assume that Jae Rim’s character is his lover. I really hate that it’s been taken that way.”
      Why is it bothering you so much?…

      • ggoma

        I don’t like the idea of them merely being lovers period. Has nothing to do with disliking homosexuality. I adore films that explore those subjects! I simply really really don’t think that’s the point here. It’s love of a different kind.

        • Black_winds

          I think it’s up to everyone how they will interpret their relationship.I am not going to hate if someone thinks they are just friends.

      • ggoma

        I don’t like the idea of them merely being lovers period. Has nothing to do with disliking homosexuality. I adore films that explore those subjects! I simply really really don’t think that’s the point here. It’s love of a different kind.

  • http://twitter.com/maslolz m. aslo de la torre

    this album is amazing, thanks for your review. i don’t speak or understand korean, and i think you’re absolutely right that this may appeal to an international audience better than other kpop groups. though, as someone before me has said, I’m not sure I can put this in the category of kpop.

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    i adore this album! i love this kinda music… and i love Jongwan’s voice <3 it's a beautiful kind of sorrow…

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    I am an Indie lover myself and Nell is one of my favorite Korean bands of all time. I’d much rather listen to Jong-wan’s voice all day than the majority of kpop these days. Actually that’s exactly what I have been doing.

    I couldn’t agree more with this review and the score.

  • Ariel72

    I started listening to Kpop through movie and drama OST (2003), I could be pretty relentless in my search because how else could you get that certain song when you don’t know the artist, the song title and the lyrics. I discovered Nell 2007 and my love affair with their sound has been consistent through the years (a constant in my playlist). Separation Anxiety was the last album saved in my playlist and I was pretty devastated when there were no more forthcoming tracks. When Slip Away dropped I was ecstatic and could not help spazzing in the DB community. I also think that their music would appeal more to the international market either translated or not. Take me as an example I don’t understand Korean but their music strongly appeals to something in me. It’s puzzling most of my Korean songs I try to get a translation but for Nell I don’t have any translations, not one. It’s enough for me to listen to them to imagine what the song is trying to convey, to put my own spin and loose myself in the music.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    An amazing album, I enjoyed every track, which to me is rare.
    Most solid album of the year so far

  • Medusaspeaks

    It’s a stunning work of art.  I agree with your point about this album’s international appeal.  As I listen to the music and read the lyrics, I find myself connecting on a deeply personal level.  This an album that will stand the test of time because it is about the human condition.  Well done Nell, well done.

  • Jennyhime

    I absolutely love this album, got it instantly because I’m such a fan. Nell was the first korean band that I started listening to and I still prefer indie bands (even though I know many don’t consider Nell indie anymore) Kim Jong Wan’s voice is absolutely beautiful and that add’s a extra something.
    That cover is great, I spent hours looking at it wondering what is was or what it represents.
    Can’ say I have one favorite song because the whole album was great but Go,Slip away, The day before and Cliff parade are some of my most played songs in my ipod.

  • suhshiroll

    fjdkjfkla fjkd LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ALBUM. 

  • http://twitter.com/hobabyho krizza

    I just found this review of their album and am glad I did. The MV for the title track, The Day Before (though why did they translate it to that is beyond me, might be to clue in some of the MV viewers of the time and space continuum in the music video?), might be my most favorite MV this year. And it just toppled over their MV for Goodnight, which is still one of the best MVs ever.

    I still listen to The Day Before with the feeling of fresh pain even after listening to it countless of times.

    Though of course, Time Spent Walking Through Memories is still my favorite and most played track by Nell of all time. I’ve written so many fanfictions listening to that song. When I’m writing and listening to it, the words seem to just flow out of me.

    Amazing review!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Sarah_Sama Sarah TM

    i was blown away while reading this review… thanks so much 

    your analysis on the mv is the best i ever read so far!.. when i first watched the mv i realized that they’re lovers.. then when i watched the mv on youtube i also read all the comment they were arguing about them being close friends or gays so i got confused -_- then i read one weird comment made me even more confused, someone’s said that this song is dedicated to the late actor
    Park Yong Ha who committed suicide back in 2010.. he said that Kim Jong Wan and Park Yong Ha were good friends so i dunno if its true or not.. and since you know a lot about nell i wanted to ask you about it?

    well if its really true the mv is well suited to the whole situation.. and the lyrics too implying for how he dealt with the loss of a friend such as ” at first i hated you a lot, i cried a lot too ” the hate is out of shock and anger and the cried a lot part was out of sadness and that goes for the rest of the song. 

    so what do you think? do they really were friends or not ? :O

  • hana05

    lol.. i feel weird(really weird feeling) that people think that they’re lover ,,cos if u guys realised it,, most of the lyrics doesn’t really translated into the mv.. its the music does.. like for exmple,in the bgning of the music,,the drum sound really shows how the coffee was poured in.. then in the middle,his leg *humming*? to the melody.. then his traggic death along with the violin… n i dont think the’re lover..they’re just a close friend..lovers doesn’t treat their partner like that..also min ki’s face/feeling also doesn’t show affection to him.. n theres a lil elephant toy..that shows that they r probably close friend since childhood .. n big possiblity also not brothers cos face is not same haha… like other comments said that theres a lot of ways to show love.. n that the lyrics r not just about 2 lovers.. this song’s about how someone feel when theres no hope..or gave up..

  • Guest

    The only glitch I have is that even though I approached the whole video with a totally open mind, I still don’t think that they seemed like lovers (to me the way the conversation goes and the expressions all seem like it’s between two friends – confidantes). I think what ties in is that the one who left (she/he who is not named) would never come back. They were prepared. Nell knows this as well because at the ending lines read ‘words that will never reach you.’ However others who were a part of his life eg. his frnd wasn’t and hence the regret ‘This is all that I can say’ and what’s the point of living, scattered, etc.

    I agree with the whole book theory because it is the only ‘definite’ thing pointed out in the vid. After reading I am more or less convinced as well that the friend definitely replays the whole scenario in his head which also sits in with the title ‘The Day Before.’

    On a sidenote what is interesting is that if you switch perspective as well eg. the guy who lived on and his thoughts, the whole song applies to him as well in a very interesting way. In fact they apply probably more so.

  • Anasarca

    This is an album that takes you on a journey…I keep returning to it. I find the music and artistic quality doesn’t age.. I like what the direction they are doing now with Tablo, but this particular album, is like wearing a mobius or infinity bracelet.. When I listen to it, the songs do have a flowing quality that seems to move outside of the reality for a “beginning, middle or ending.” Rather a continuing….