• Jessica Cottle

    “Misunderstood” featuring Simon D is a personal favorite as well as the collab single “Good!!! Air” that features other Amoeba Culture artists. Love playing those tracks in the summer.

  • Angélina Eang

    My favorite songs are Fireworks, Burning Friday Night, Until the Sun Rises and Gaeko solo work’s Rhythm is life.
    I swear, these songs are pure gold and I understand why Gary loves them so much and respects them as artists. Dynamic Duo and Leessang will always be my favorite k-hip hop artists.

  • Vitor Oliveira

    I love way too much this duo! Nobody in the korean rap industry flows like Choiza and Gaeko. Apoptosis, Guilty, Insomnia, U-turn, Chul Chek and the last song of their Heartbreaker album (wich i dont remember thr name now) surely are my favorites. They deserve respect and should have more fans worldwide.

  • sweetyo0on

    not a huge fan of hiphop buuuuut i’m glad that things worked out for them <3 their friendship is truly respectable ^^

  • nanapo

    I lovelovelove Dynamic Duo, my favorite songs so far are Ugly,Good Love,Ring my bell, Guilty amd Keep the change