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    Loved your review! While I definitely think they have some room to grow (totally agree with you about “Victorious Way”), I think they have made a particularly solid debut. “Without You” might be my favourite track so far, though “Special Girl” and “I Can’t Tell You” are close seconds, or maybe they are also first. I do find that I like the album the more I listen to it, and I can’t help but be impressed that Woollim made sure that INFINITE H collaborated with such prominent and talented artists. It makes for a well polished and smooth debut album that shows how much potential Dongwoo and Hoya have.

    I think something else that I really appreciate is how well they have been promoting the album. Their showcase was fun and just as adorable as they are, and allowed long time fans (such as myself) and newer fans to see how they feel about performing. They seem happy and excited to be sharing their H side, and it shows in the album and in their promotions. It’s catchy, fun, light-hearted, and shows the sentimental side of hip-hop that they say they want to show.

    All in all, the album didn’t blow me out of the water, but it makes me happy and excited to see what their future holds in store. And I also really want to learn that sweet little dance step they have going on in “Special Girl”.