Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but love is always in style, am I right? One of the trendier ways of categorizing people’s romantic habits right now is love languages. Basically, your love language is the method by which you most naturally express and receive affection. Options include words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. I’m mostly an acts of service kind of girl, but specifically, I like my acts of service to revolve around food. 

I have simple needs: breakfast in bed or someone making me a delicious dinner after a long day is enough to fill my heart to bursting with warmth. I also think food is a really good way to give love to yourself. Treating myself to a squishy cinnamon roll or taking a few minutes to actually cook a meal instead of just eating copious amounts of chips is how I show myself I care. 

This playlist is a tribute to all the K-pop and K-indie artists who agree with me that food and love belong together. Of course, not all these songs feature happy relationships. Sometimes you have to make that “man, go, man, go”. But if its about love, and it’s about eating (or drinking), and it’s a song I enjoy musically, it’s on this playlist. Bon appetite! 

P.S Oohyo is the queen of food-related tracks. She has songs titled “Pizza”, “Butter Chicken”, “Honey Tea”, and “Ramen” (featured here). What a legend. 

(Psychology Today. Lyrics via YouTube. Images via SM Entertainment)