It’s no secret that sometimes, the K-pop and even K-indie song namer powers that be show a distinct lack of imagination. This can result in song titles that are painfully obvious, nonsensical, and most of all, excessively shared. 

From “Tonight”, to “I Love You”, to “Monster”, sometimes it can feel like there are only a handful of acceptable South Korean song names to choose from! But while the song titles themselves aren’t creative, the way artists interpret them in wildly different ways is. 

This playlist is dedicated to songs that share titles but little else, emphasizing how the same starting point can lead to excitingly different results. There are sultry, cutesy, and dreamy versions of “Hush”, a trio of “All Night” that share lyrical themes but take divergent musical approaches, and much more. What are your favorite same-title, different vibes K-pop and K-indie tunes?