Hello everyone, I hope you all had a happy and safe Sunday.

Our writers here at Seoulbeats put out some wonderful work, and we are proud to showcase it in our in-house publication, Highlights. Our latest edition presents the pick of the crop from April, May, and June this year, in this beautiful magazine put together by our amazing Editor-in-Chief, Leslie.

Our cover story is this year’s Mid-year Review, with excerpts from our discussion on the top debuts, comebacks, MVs, albums, dances, dramas, and indie artists of the year — so far. Also included are some Highlights-exclusive content, like Johnelle‘s 5 Things and news wrap-up Season in Review. And your thoughts may even be featured in our Community Correspondence!

Another feature to be included is a selection of reviews from the site, the full versions of which can be found below:




Readers, what are your thoughts on this issue of Highlights? Let us know in the comments!