Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

We at Seoulbeats are excited to begin another year of March Madness, and to see how well we can predict the winners of this year’s bracket, which was designed by Lorenza! We’ve entered the Pick ‘Em Contest, and below, I thought I would share some of our editors’ picks. With our new Gallery feature, you can now see our predictions literally illustrated for your perusal.

As you can see, we’ve all got different ideas on what’s going to happen — which bracket most closely matches yours?

And if you haven’t done so already, you can still enter our Pick ‘Em Contest and let us know who you think is going to win SB March Madness this year! You have until March 12 11:59 PM EST to enter, and can win one of our cash prizes: $25 will go to the first place winner, $15 will go to second place, and $10 will go to third.

Click here to enter!

(Image via: Big Hit Ent.)