After weeks of close competition, March Madness 2022 has come to an end. Although IU comfortably sailed through the category rounds to take the top Vocal spot before dismissing aespa’s Karina in the semi-finals, our winner was seeded second in anticipation of a strong performance and did not disappoint. Woodz has triumphed with an overwhelming majority, powered by a dedicated fandom drive!

The man of many names was seeded second in the rap category and after narrowly beating Monsta X’s IM in the second round, it was all smooth sailing. Stray Kids’ Changbin, CL, and Chungha all fell before the all-rounder. He did not get to face his fellow Making Our Life Awesome members, the top-seeded Seventeen’s Vernon or Pentagon’s Kino.

Woodz | Singles

Today, Woodz join the illustrious hall of previous winners including Taemin, Minho, Taeyeon, and Ailee. Woodz is crowned this year’s March Madness Winner!

To everyone who participated in the polls, shared the posts, and drummed up support for your favourite idols: thank you for your enthusiasm and involvement — Seoulbeats March Madness would not be possible without you! Special thanks, also, to Chelsea for creating and updating the bracket as we progressed through the rounds. Look out for our special post celebrating Woodz next week!

Readers, how did your predictions fare? Did events unfold as expected, or were there more than a few surprises that wreaked havoc on your bracket? Let us know in the comments below!