After weeks of close competition, March Madness 2021 has come to an end. Although CL defeated notable idols like Jessi and Seulgi (Red Velvet), she ultimately could not defeat the man who never gives up, Shinee’s Minho.

The deer-eyed prince was seeded fourth in the visual category and easily won the male bracket and continued his dominant streak, eliminating Irene (Red Velvet) and his own member Onew (Shinee) before facing CL in the final round. Flames, like our own Gaya, (check out her review of Minho’s I’m Home) have been eagerly tracking his progress as Minho bucked expectations. The most competitive man in K-pop has struggled in previous years, never passing the initial stages.

Minho (Shinee) | Marie Claire

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Today, Minho joins his band-mate Taemin as a champion. Minho’s return from military service has been marked with triumphs galore, including a successful group comeback, making a stir with bright new hair, and now he is crowned this year’s March Madness Winner!

To everyone who participated in the polls, shared the posts, and drummed up support for your favourite idols: thank you for your enthusiasm and involvement — Seoulbeats March Madness would not be possible without you! Special thanks, also, to Chelsea for creating and updating the bracket as we progressed through the rounds.

Readers, how did your predictions fare? Did events unfold as expected, or were there more than a few surprises that wreaked havoc with your bracket? Let us know in the comments below!