Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

When Rainbow’s disbandment was announced late last year, the silver lining of the bad news was learning that the groups’ seven members would be taking a vacation together. It warmed many a heart to learn that the members were able to part professionally on friendly terms, and those hearts have been warmed all over again, with leader Jaekyung‘s recent Instagram posts, which show herself, Woori, Hyunyoung, Jisook, NoeulSeungah, and Yoonhye in matching T-shirts, relaxing at the beach on a sunny day.

Between this post and Yeeun talking about the Wonder Girls‘ continued support for one other, it has got me thinking a lot about friends and staying in touch. I’m notoriously bad at maintaining contact with people — are you the same, or do you still keep in touch with the friends you’ve made over the years? Technology has made it easier to reconnect with people from our past, and stay in touch into the future — how do you stay in touch with your friends? And do you own any group T-shirts? Let me know in the comments below!

(Images via: Instagram. Wonder Girls photo: credit to owner)