Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

Earlier this week, K.A.R.D surprised fans with a special ‘hidden’ version of their latest single, “Don’t Recall.” Many, including myself, were surprised to discover that this version was sung entirely in English:

While cuts of the original MV are still there, we also see the members suit up for an extra (rough) dance cut. There is clear effort and planning put into this release, though J.seph gets the short end of the stick in terms of screentime. The poor guy’s stuck at the back for most of the dance — no wonder he’s all fire in the Korean version. Overall, though, this was a nice nod to the group’s international fans, who had the group trending worldwide on Twitter when “Don’t Recall” first dropped.

Listening to this version, got me thinking about English versions of K-pop songs: one of my favourite official versions is U-Kiss“Stop Girl.” Already one of the group’s best singles, the lyrics don’t cross into second-hand embarassment territory, which is all you really need, sometimes.

Readers, what English versions of K-pop songs are you fond of? Maybe you have a soft spot for SNSD’s “The Boys,” or dig 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody?” Share them in the comments below!

(YouTube[1][2]. Image via: DSP Media)