20141022_seoulbeats_uniqWelcome to Comments of the Week.

This week, in idols and music, we covered highlights from the 2015 K-pop Dream Concert, UNIQ‘s “Luv Again,” Kara‘s In Love album and “Cupid” MV and Exo’s mixed up sports teaser and ten sports they should play instead. We additionally looked back at Shinee‘s iconic “Juliette” in our Throwback segment and covered Eastern Sidekick in our Indie Gem segment.

In fashion and TV themes, we looked at the our choices from last week’s music shows, photoshoots rocking that poolside wear, that final episodes of Girl Who Can See Smells, the first four episodes of the new Ex-Girlfriend Club and the mystery music show Mask King.

In socio-cultural topics, we explored the crisis at the base of the start of Hallyu and South Korean internet forums.

Our Sunday Social covered CL’s “Dr. Pepper” collaboration with Diplo. We also rounded up last week’s news with our Week in Review segment.

I’ve chosen a few of your comments to highlight:

mochi-panda on Out of Love with Kara’s In Love


i agree with this opinion 100%. i always associate KARA with powerful and energetic music and my expectations were pretty high because i absolutely loved Mamma Mia. everything about that release screamed energy from the song itself to the choreography. you could tell the girls were really giving it their all to prove that they were going to remain top tier material despite the member changes. unfortunately that just made it easier to see how disappointing Cupid is in comparison. the song and dance are really average in the world of kpop. i found that any flow and energy that builds up in the song during the pre-chorus/chorus is immediately shut down shortly after with the verses and i just couldn’t get myself to like it. as for the rest of the album i only bought In Those Days…it really is beautiful and showcases their vocals well ^^

obviously i’m still a huge fan of the girls and i hope that their next comeback they’ll be back with a vengeance and ready to slay! this one just didn’t do it for me personally.

on 10 More Sports for Exo’s “Love Me Right”

Haha this is great! I love that you included Quidditch^^ Although, apparently it’s a pretty rough game, my friend’s teammate got a concussion last week while playing. (Yes she plays quidditch at uni – they run around on broomsticks and someone dresses up as the golden snitch lol)

I’m surprised you missed basketball as it’s such a classic. I would add in beach volleyball as a fun, summer concept and rugby, because I like rugby.

Ke Kiki on Best of Weekly Music Shows: 5/18 – 5/24

Someone get Onew out of those pants before a real estate developer moves in and builds an apartment complex in all that available space.

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