The arrival of summer means K-pop fans are treated to bubbly jams filled with fun and joy. It looks like this year is destined to bring out all the old school favorites, like BoA and Jinusean, while introducing us to new ones, such as N. Flying. Naturally, we can’t overlook the fact that Shinee‘s back because a lot of fans were thrilled over their return. With more big names scheduled to make comebacks in the following weeks, the stages appear to be heating up with the weather.

This week brought a first win for Infinite‘s leader Sunggyu, as well as more music show trophies for Big Bang, who continue their strong domination on the charts. It was tough narrowing down my top choices of performances, but I picked the ones that spoke to my heart the most. As usual, I welcome our readers to list their favorites in the comments.

“Awesome,” N. Flying, MBC Music Core, May 23, 2015


Countless rookies debut every year, so it’s easy to become lost in the mix. Somehow, this group managed to grab my attention. They were certainly not what I expected and give me slight CN Blue vibes, which is never a bad thing. Given how many rookies are tapping into the current trend of hip hop, it was nice to see this group target a sound more suited to their talents. (By the way, yes, the lead singer is the rapper J. Don from the Jimin N J. Don project duo.)

“Might Just Die,” History, MBC Music Core, May 23, 2015


Since we’re talking about unexpected performances, let’s move on to History. They are one of the few groups I can honestly call unpredictable because I did not see this coming at all. This group debuted as mellow balladeers, but they’ve slowly matured into their sexy image. Maybe I was mesmerized by Kyung-il‘s piercing gaze, or perhaps it was the surprise ending of the choreography that caught my eye. Whatever it was, it worked, so they need to keep doing it.

“Why Don’t You Know,” Taeil and P.O of Block B, KBS Immortal Song 2, May 23, 2015


Ever feel like some talents are hidden because certain group members aren’t given a lot of parts? Well, when you’re in a group like Block B, it’s difficult to get the spotlight. Thankfully, Taeil and P.O are getting more chances to shine in non-group activities, such as this appearance on Immortal Song 2. I got chills from P.O’s rap intro, and Taeil’s solid singing only made things better.

“View,” Shinee, KBS Music Bank, May 22, 2015


This choice is a bit of a cheat as it includes two stand-out performances together. Regardless, I chose it because it’s Shinee, and that was going to simply happen. They are always entertaining with each comeback, and this song feels appropriate for a party by the beach. I may have been swayed by Jonghyun‘s jawline, Taemin‘s cute flub, and the sparkly confetti at the end, but I stand strongly by my decision.

“Kiss My Lips,” BoA, SBS Inkigayo, May 24, 2015


Of course, I had to include the phenomenal BoA on this list. To omit her would’ve been an unspeakable act of insanity on my part. I questioned the use of giant feathery fans, but BoA could probably pull off choreography dressed as a chicken and still make it look spectacular. She has always been a star, and that was never more apparent than in this performance.

What were your favorite stages from the past week? Who are you excited to see next week? Share your thoughts below!

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via SBS)