20150215_seoulbeats_byunyohan_singlesHappy Sunday, everyone!

I love everything about our podcast Seoulbeats Chat Box, but if I had to choose one thing I liked the most, it would be when we answered readers’ questions. It’s great to hear our writers talk about K-pop things like their favourite Big Bang solo release, or even about their own experiences of writing for Seoulbeats.

We’ve done two of these so far, and loved it: so it makes sense that we are gearing up for a third one! Whatever you have been wanting to ask us, let us know about it in the comments below, and we may just choose to answer it!

Once you’re done, why not get to know our voices a bit better with past episodes of SB Chat Box, as well as our new podcast SB BuzzBeats!

(Images via: BNT International, Singles)