Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Seoulbeats Chat Box of 2015!

Funnily, we spend this episode looking back at the previous year — 2014 was a fascinating creature, worthy of its own David Attenborough documentary (or Choose Your Own Adventure game).

I’m joined by Leslie and Johnelle, and after reminiscing about the time Johnelle shared a lift with CN Blue, we talk a lot about a year with the lot. A full list is provided below:

  • SNSD’s dating reveals
  • Rain‘s comeback
  • Taecyeon‘s criticism of JYP, and subsequent apology
  • Nine Muses losing members
  • B.A.P
  • The rise of Soyu the former underdog
  • Jaejoong winning our March Madness
  • Lee Jong-suk and fans at airports
  • Boa’s Make Your Move
  • AkMu’s debut
  • Yoo In-na getting back on track
  • Hyosung, Jiyeon and Hyomin‘s solo debuts
  • Kris, Lu Han and Jessica‘s (in)voluntary departures
  • Bom‘s “mailing incident”
  • Kara‘s Young-ji and her unique laugh
  • f(x)‘s comeback and Sulli‘s hiatus
  • Hello Venus‘ member and concept change
  • Ha:tfelt and Winner‘s debuts and Spica‘s US debut
  • The Ladies’ Code tragedy
  • Seo Tai-ji‘s return and Epik High‘s comeback
  • SM‘s solo debuts
  • Ikon and Mix & Match
  • Shin hae-chul and Kim Ja-ok‘s passings
  • Lee Joon and Thunder officially leaving MBLAQ
  • And, Yoo Seung-ho is back!

Even after covering all of that, we still ended up missing, among others:

  • Kim Hyun-joong‘s domestic abuse revelations
  • Megan Lee getting a legal dispute with her company
  • Lovelyz member Seo Ji-soo‘s scandal
  • ZE:A‘s Lee Hoon attempting to outplay Star Empire

What are your thoughts on the events of 2014? Were there things you forgot even happened? And if you were to share an elevator ride with an idol group, which would it be?

(Image via: YG Entertainment)