20150120_seoulbeats_SG WannabeAfter much speculation, K-pop trio SG Wannabe finally signed new contracts with CJ E&M on January 16, officially joining the company’s roster of other talented singers like Roy Kim and Davichi. The company also confirmed plans for a new album and a comeback later this year.

SG Wannabe, made up of Kim Yong-jun, Lee Seok-hoon, and Kim Jin-ho, is famous for their touching ballads and contributions to OSTs. The group rocketed to fame after their debut in 2004, intriguing fans with their initial decision not to appear in their own music videos. Their past hits include “Sin & Punishment,” “While You Live,” “Arirang” and “Fate Reverse.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV_10uXog7M]

The group has largely been out of the spotlight since 2011 after former member Chae Dong-ha sadly lost his battle to depression and committed suicide. His unexpected passing at just thirty years old was emotionally devastating for the group. Kim Yong-jun and Lee Seok-hoon enlisted in the army a few years afterwards. The members worked on solo activities, but 2015 will be their official comeback as a group. After so much loss and heartache, we wish the best of luck to SG Wannabe!

(Joong-ang Daily, YouTube, Images via IS Intermedia Group)