20120707_seoulbeats_tara_eunjungEun-jung will take on a whole new style with her solo debut!

Dates and details haven’t been released yet, but she will be promoting a song titled “Being Alone Became Comfortable.” The song will be produced by Duble Sidekick, who is behind other hits including Girls’ Day’s “Something” and SISTAR’s “Give It to Me” and “Loving You.” As you might have guessed from the title, the song is about a relationship that is no longer exciting or fulfilling. Eun-jung’s agency promises that she will show a completely different and fresh concept for her solo debut.

She will be the third member of T-ara to try going it alone after Ji-yeon and Hyo-min did in 2014. Ji-yeon debuted with the song, “Never Ever,” which was also produced by Duble Sidekick. While “Never Ever” only peaked at number 3 on the weekly album chart, at least it was better than the confused mess that is Hyomin’s “Nice Body” (which somehow manages to empower and body shame women at the same time). Their debuts, as well as the creation of subunits, were part of a long campaign to win back public favor after T-ara’s bullying scandal.

So, what do you think of this latest move? Are you looking forward to this debut? Or is it too little, too late for T-ara?

(MWave, StarNews, Gaon, images via Naver Music)