20120623_seoulbeats_kang_soraYoo Yeon-suk and Kang Sora will be starring in a new MBC drama tentatively titled Warm and Cozy. The drama is written by the famous Hong sisters, Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, who are behind many popular shows including Master’s Sun, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and You’re Beautiful. The screenwriters took their inspiration from the idea of love between an angry ant and a forlorn grasshopper.

Yoo Yeon-suk (Gu Family Book, Reply 1994) will play the grasshopper Baek Geon-woo, the chef and owner of a restaurant on Jeju Island. He is brutally honest and intelligent, yet a hopeless romantic. He left his whole life behind on the mainland to be with the girl he likes.

Kang Sora (Doctor Stranger, Misaeng) will take on the role of angry ant Lee Jung-joo, a clothing store employee. Life has not been kind to Lee Jung-joo, who is forced to go to Jeju Island after losing her job, house, and boyfriend in Seoul. With five years of hard work wasted, Jung-joo is reluctant to let anyone, or anything, get close to her heart.

As if these talented actors and writers weren’t enough, Park Hong-gyun PD (The Greatest Love) will complete the team. Hong-gyun’s excellent directing skills are sure to take this drama to the next level.

Watch out for the broadcast in May!

(MWave, MBN News, images via Ceci, Marie Claire, Sure)