• Ambika

    This drama makes me want to chuck something out the window. I think one of its strengths is that it tugs at your heartstrings with a heartwarming story: thus far, we have a protagonist that sticks to his morals in all circumstances, despite facing adversity. But at the same time, a lot of events that have happened have been predictable. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as it’s early yet.

    I could do without some of the melodrama and overdone acting in some scenes. And I would like for the villain to gain a dimension as well; while greed is sometimes a sufficient motivator, it would be nice if there was more to it than what we saw in the first episode. This is probably the obvious choice, but my money’s on Kang-chi taking him down. It would only make sense with the whole revenge plot, finishing what his mother wanted to do.

    But let’s get to the real problem: this hair. Lee Seung-gi’s is actually growing on me little by little (it will never be anywhere close to a favorite, and he should get rid of it still), but Sung Joon’s is not.

    • Miyoko

      Oh, I wanted to hit Kang-chi’s mom over the head several times. If we’re talking about predictable lack of thought, she epitomized it for me. Maybe that’s why I was so happy that the main woman character at least exhibits sense so far.

      It’s probably going to be Kang-chi to take down the baddie, but so many people have threatened him so far I would love it if it was someone unexpected.

      Don’t like a little ponytail, Ambika? :P I actually think Seung-gi’s will change once they’re in live shoots (…which is now…??)

      • Ambika

        It’d be interesting if someone like Chung-jo took him down, though that’s awfully unlikely.

        Oh I love a little ponytail on the right person. If Sung Joon had a ponytail (no bangs, please), I’d probably love it. But on Lee Seung-gi? No, thank you :D

  • GeekGrrl

    I really like this drama. It’s got this x-factor that makes me enjoy it despite the fact that I dislike 1)saeguks 2) historical inaccuracy and 3) fauxcest. It has a charm to it that allows me to watch it, note the flaws, pick apart the characters and predict the episode from start to finish and still enjoy the show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001430085442 Nilly I’ly

    episode 2, kicked me right in the kokoro *unf*

  • slashedsilver

    I’m too frequently jarred out of the series by the too-modern, non-sageuk diction of Suzy and some of the younger actors. At the risk of sparking a fanwar, I still think her acting leaves much to be desired. She’s improving, but not quickly enough to warrant such high-profile roles. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I really wanted to like her character, but I keep wondering if a different actress could have brought more out of her role.

    • Miyoko

      I think the diction is a really good point. I can’t tell, but I can definitely understand for those who do.

      Suzy’s not perfect, but I do think that her character hasn’t had a lot to develop yet. Right now she’s pretty much expected to be kick ass and stoic, which can lead to a lot of epic staring. As the series goes on I want to see how she handles it.

  • Guest

    What the fanboy/fangirl article is this?… The drama is bad.. The acting from both leads goes from decent to awful.. The facial expressions they have when they are amazed at what the other says is the same as when they see illusion ninjas appear from nothing. So lacking..

    The male lead playing the same character he plays in all his dramas makes one wonder why anyone but his fans would continue to watch him.. Suzy’s acting is predictable. You know how her face will look everytime since she is reading the lines not acting them.

    The story doesn’t matter if the leads are brining ratings solely on popularity, not skill.
    SB articles are less of a doze but close enough to what allkpop can produce. Sad really.. I expected more.

    • Micho

      I wouldn’t say they’re similar. His last character was a genius 187 IQ king who had to suppress his emotions because of his position. His new character is a guy who can only count till 3, can’t tell if someone is a girl even if it’s blatantly obvious, and acts without thinking. Not only that, he’s playing a member of the lower caste. I would say they’re quite different.

  • ajj

    The first two episodes with Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yon hee were amazing.
    Sadly yes I’m kinda burned out with the drama.I’m all for Sung Joon, I love Gon and all but that hair needs to go.