• Fan

    Agree with what you wrote. Master’s Sun is strangely addicting to me. Definitely helping with my I Hear Your Voice withdrawals.
    (By the way, agree wholeheartedly about Taecyeon’s acting in Who Are You… he ain’t good. Lol.)

  • Camille

    Really agree with this article! I think it’s a shame not to include Seo In Guk’s character though. He clearly is the second lead and a very likeable one at that. I love the way he interacts withTae Yi Ryung and I think he’s essential to the plot. He also has a big impact on Gong Sil. But in the end I’m glad the writer likes the drama and I agree with everything she said =)

    • mrshobbes

      I was a bit surprised to not see any mention of Seo In Guk as well. I’m just really happy he’s not overreacting like he did in Reply 1997. Well, the role is also vastly different from then. LOVE his hair and fine figure in suits here!

      I have to say I’m also really liking Kim Yoo-ri as Tae Yi-ryung, she does bratty and cute really well. I watched a little bit of their presscon and was so tickled at how she seems very soft-spoken and reserved, so different from her character!

      • Camille

        I actually liked him in Answmer me 1997 too~ Might have been more about the writing than the acting but still. Thing is Seo In Guk has a face I really like. He just looks… nice. When I see him, I just like him. There’s just something very likeable abou him. But anyway, back to Master’s Sun.

        I also really enjoy Tae Yi ryung. I didn’t think I would since she didn’t start that great and it’s a Hong sisters dramas -I see in ohter comments you haven’t seen other Hong sisters dramas but they have a history of creating really bitchy female 2nd lead… though I did like the “You’re beautiful” one- but she won me over in the end and I’m now actually shipping her with Seo In Guk. Kim Yoo Ri is doing great!

  • Laverne_SB

    Sahar, your enthusiasm is so evident in this piece haha. I must be the only one who is not enamored by this drama and especially not by Seo Ji-sub.

    • Sahar_Ko

      Ooh, tell me more about what you don’t like! All of my friends who are watching it are crazy about it, so I haven’t heard this perspective. Anyway, believe me, this was more fun to read than all of my terrible thoughts about “Who Are You?” hahahaha

      • Laverne_SB

        Haha well I definitely think “Master’s Sun” is better than “Who Are You?” — I gave up on that after a few episodes.
        But hmm what do I not like? I don’t like Seo Ji-sub’s acting. He’s made me laugh, I’ll give him that, but I feel like his face is too wooden. His serious face and his laughing/joking face look the same to me. I also think it’s a little ridiculous how Gong-shil is always freaking out about ghosts. I think it’s warranted for the scary ghosts (and the show has abandoned that of late) but even the “normal-looking” ghosts make her react over the top and I guess I figured that she’d be over that by now.

        I do think this is a good drama and Gong Hyo-jin’s acting is fantastic but it doesn’t captivate me. But my best friend is LOVING this drama and so is everyone else so I think it’s just not my style.

        • bigmamat

          I agree. So Ji-sub is not a comedic actor. Actually he isn’t much of an actor at all really. I love him but not for his acting. He’s just so damned beautiful to look at I suffer though most everything he does. It almost looks like the Hong sisters wrote this drama just for him so he would have an opportunity to do a comedy. Its seems his frozen faced delivery is exactly what is called for with this role. That being, said I am also loving the show. Seo In Guk is adorable. Gong Hyo Jin does these kinds of roles absolutely effortlessly, there is a easy kind of chemistry between her and Ji Sub. I just wish everyone would stop comparing this show to The Greatest Love and to Cha Seung Won. I don’t see the similarity at all. Cha Seung Won is a darling comedic actor and can pull off any funny role you throw at him. His face actually moves.

        • illerz

          You know for some reason it really bugs me. Really it does when people say she should be use to it by now. I live with a roommate and she is alive and always present. I know she’s there. I even expect to see her. But when something that makes no noise pop out at you, you freak out. It’s a normal natural reaction. I can’t imagine how I would freak out at seeing ghosts. I mean they can change their faces at any point and freak you out. They can touch her and apparently jump into her when she’s not on guard. That means she can NEVER truly relax. I don’t think you realize what that does to someone and how particularly jumpy that can make an individual. Let’s not forget how creepy they can choooose to look. And even their normal faces FREAK me out. And I don’t think that would ever change. It’s not like she would see the same ghost over and over again. So when I see people saying oh why is she jumping over and over again I get so annoyed. Like they would do better in her situation, and they MIGHT even, but it doesn’t make her reaction over the top for a normal or even abnormal person. You are judging her handling a situation you have yourself have never had to deal with.And saying it’s ridiculous is ridiculous. They had been scaring the heck out of her since her accident and only recently has she been finding them less so with the help of her shelter. Again I think I would have done worse.

          I, however, agree about his acting being wooden. But slowly realized that that’s what the character was suppose to be like. Really wooden and a general pain in the butt. He’s trying desperately to not acknowledge he has feelings which can allow for some wooden stiffness to a person. At least that’s how I interpreted it as the story went on. He grew on me. Honestly I didn’t think he would. I thought I would just suffer through it and not enjoy moments with him on screen. But then every time he softens, I get the attraction. Anyway. :) Maybe the next hong drama will appeal to you.

          • Laverne_SB

            You’re right. That was very ableist of me. I didn’t consider that aspect of it and of course it’s easy to judge when we’re not in that position. Thank you for pointing this out.

            I do agree that his character is supposed to be wooden and he fits this character but I still don’t find his acting appealing.

          • illerz

            I appreciate you admitting that, its been annoying me since the drama began, people’s attitude to her reactions.

            And I feel you about his acting. It’s his looks for me. I can’t see why people find him SO attractive. I don’t but his acting however has grown on me. :

  • mrshobbes

    I love this drama–it’s fun and makes me laugh and shriek in surprise. I was hesitant to get into it as I’m a ‘fraidy cat, so I’m happy that of late the ghosts don’t get their creepy freakish CG makeup. I have to agree with Laverne_SB in that at first, I couldn’t get into So Ji-Sub’s acting/character. Besides the woodenness, I thought he was a smidge too cruel/heartless. Eventually I did warm up to him, largely in part because of his reactions to Gong Hyo-jin’s character.

    But of late, it’s really transitioned into love, because honestly, in-love Joo-won is just ridiculously awkward and adorable. (See “updated” hand gesture from him and his conversation with the ghost on the bench at Ep 11)

    I love Gong Hyo-jin’s Tae Gong Shil as well, though I really didn’t like certain aspects of her character in earlier episodes (getting her hair pulled by Joo-won, etc). I understand how she was in a different head space that time; I just didn’t really like it.

    This is my first Hong sisters drama, so I’ve been reading comments about how this or that is “classic Hong sisters,” and not really understanding it.

    • Naor_HW

      My first Hong sisters drama too, but I think now I’m going to have to check out their earlier ones.

  • Streby

    I’m officially in love, I haven’t shipped a couple so hard in a long time….

  • BishieAddict

    So I’m not the only one who questions the existence of the sister.
    This is a cute drama. It redeems the Hong sisters from “Big”. I like how the ghosts are creepy and the story was warmth. It’s very fun and I enjoy each episode. I don’t mind episodic shows, but I also enjoy the overall arch of the story. It is very well done. The lead’s character reminds me a bit of Dokko Jin from “the Greatest Love” – just the way he reacts. Still I find it refreshing. I did try one episode of “Who Are You” while I was waiting between episodes of Master’s Sun. It just didn’t compare.

  • Mari

    Great read in the midst of the very painful wait to next Wed/Thur. A wait which is causing a serious risk of over-watching episodes 1-12.

    Characterisation, acting, chemistry, plot, humour – it’s got it all going for it.

    That being said, for the most part, I adore Hong Sister dramas………until the ending episodes. Sigh. They have a nasty habit of time lapsing (Delightful Girl, My Girl, Big, Gumiho) and I really hate time lapses. Although, if they do go down that route this time, they hopefully will keep up with this drama’s continual circumvention of expectations.

    Not sure how I would feel about the extension SBS and the production team are tossing up at the moment.

    Also, just randomly, Operation Proposal triggered a proposal? NICE.

  • jennyB3

    I’d like to meet Hong sisters. They seem so cool to hang out