Welcome back to another instalment of For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take time out of the week to curate a set of photos from the K-pop landscape.

Nothing beats the simplicity of black suits and dresses for a formal event. However, choosing these celebrities prove that one can shine even in a single colour. Park Ju-hyun and Park Joo-mi are elegant in their black dresses, whereas Yoo Yoon-seok and the IVE members are chic. If you’re one who needs a little quirkiness to spice up your look, then Kwon Euni-bi‘s dress is the perfect balance of fun and austerity. If you have an evening dinner coming up, consider partying it out in a dashing black piece.

(Images via Big Issue, bnt, Dazed, Esquire, GQ Korea, Marie Claire, Singles, The Star, Vogue, 1st Look)