We’re back!

This is the 50th episode of Seoulbeats Chat Box, but we don’t have time to celebrate! In this episode, I’m joined by Cjontai to tackle some serious issues (Oh My Girl being denied entry into the US), some issues that could become serious (this year’s GDA voting system for international fans) and some issues that shouldnt be serious yet somehow become so (Exo-Ls feeling disrespected by the Star Wars franchise).

More detailed synopsis below!

Oh My Girl

  • A rundown of the reported series of events at LAX
  • Our thoughts on the whole saga
  • We both agree that, as has become more apparent, this is mainly a visa problem (though OGM and their team would have been using the Visa Waiver Program rather than using tourist visas)
  • The likelihood of US Customs saying anything (they did — unofficially)
  • We talk about other K-pop acts that have had visa troubles, like the Wonder Girls (also JYJ)
  • Cjontai doesn’t think this kind of publicity is worth antagonising the US Govt for
  • Cjontai also mentions a documentary about sex trafficking in South Korea, which you can read about here.

Star Wars and Exo

  • Not sure if you guys knew, but there’s a new Star Wars film…
  • … That Exo has been promoting
  • However, star John Boyega mistakenly got into trouble with Korean Exo-Ls
  • And Exo-Ls in general feel sleighted by the Star Wars machine
  • What’s more, Exo may have been booed at the Seoul premiere… What a to-do.
  • Why you should never go to the first screening of a highly anticipated film
  • I think the collaboration project is smart marketing (though the Korean box office disagreed)
  • Why it’s best to double check translations
  • 20151226_seoulbeats_bigbang_taeyang_gda_credittoownerOur thoughts on “Lightsaber”
  • Lu Han‘s post-Exo music
  • And Cjontai has something to say to all the George Lucas haters

Golden Diskc Awards

  • Where does the GDA rank among the award shows?
  • This year’s paid voting system for international fans.
  • Could the new system prevent botting?
  • We try very hard not to think about this
  • The dilemma of adding Western music to stages
  • A reflection on how fan dedication is both timeless and borderless
  • And there’s a bit more MAMAs talk sprinkled liberally throughout.

Look out for our next episode, where we’ll be counting down our favourite songs of 2015!

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