Hello everyone! Welcome back to Seoulbeats Chat Box.

A detailed synopsis of the episode can be found below, but the short version is that I’m joined by Chelsea to break down the 2015 MAMA. Aside from the performances, we also talk about the fashion, fanservice, trauma, poor timing and much, much more! And then we use “Hot Pink” as an excuse to talk about our love for EXID.

MAMA (pretty much all of the podcast, except for the EXID part)

  • Shinee‘s performance: Jonghyun‘s dance solo, Taemin almost tripping and amazing/questionable fashion
  • All them coats… All that fur…
  • Chelsea discovers Jolin Tsai
  • the 2NE1 reunion, and my Minzy stanning approaches fever pitch
  • f(x)‘s awkward stage direction and outfits
  • SM conspiracy theories ft. Exo‘s Prada sweaters
  • Some more fashion talk
  • 20151216_seoulbeats_exid_haniExo’s 14-minute performance
  • Admiration for Sehun‘s game
  • JYP traumatising us all
  • Our thoughts on acts leaving early
  • And we momentarily slip into the diamond life with Seventeen.

EXID (40 minutes in)

  • How we discovered EXID
  • Our thoughts on the alleged prostitution concept
  • We score the song and MV, just because
  • I vent my frustration over Hani‘s pink-green clash
  • And we keep saying ‘EXID’ wrong.

What were your thoughts about MAMA? Do you like to wear the colour yellow? And what are your thoughs on “Hot Pink” and EXID? Let us know in the comments below!

And be on the look out for Episode 50, featuring Oh My GirlStar Wars and more!

(Soundcloud. Images via: CJ E&M, YouTube)