In terms of scandals, 2014 is definitely one for the books. Everything from dating to lawsuits has made it to the headlines, and I know that I’m not alone in hoping that with the end of the year drawing close that nothing else will happen (I’ve probably jinxed it, haven’t I?). I know that I’m at the point that nothing surprises me anymore.

To make light of such a difficult year for us K-pop fans, we at Seoulbeats decided to put together a little game based on all of the scandals. In this game, you are the idol, and you will navigate your way through the industry to find yourself caught up in your own scandal. What will come of your adventure?

(Click the image below for a larger version.)


The outcomes are based on actual news (though we kept away from the more serious and tragic events). Have fun finding your own outcome in the K-pop world and guessing what real life scandal it was based on!