Hello everyone!

At the beginning of the year, my K-pop resolution was to create more SB Chat Box podcasts; it only took me eight months, but we’re officially back with a new episode!

In a previous episode, my guests Lo and Cat, of Ahjummas Anonymous, expressed interest in talking more about girl crushes — so here we are to do just that! In addition to discussing what exactly makes a girl crush concept just that, we also talk a little about dance covers and our approaches to them.

Please enjoy!

Also, if you are headed to Kcon LA this year and want to meet up with other fans of girl groups, Seoulbeats is running a workshop, Girl Power: Fangirls of Girl Groups Unite, at 12:30pm on Friday in Workshop Room 518! Say hi to moderator Lindsay, and join other likeminded fans in sharing your love for the female idols of K-pop!

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