20150417_seoulbeats_kimmikyung_healerThis episode of Seoulbeats Chat Box has been a long time coming, but it’s now available for the listening public!

For this drama special, I’m joined by Johnelle to talk about:

  • Misaeng and our detailed thoughts on the new F4 in dramaland
  • What Misaeng had to say about women in the workplace
  • What the hell was going on with Suk-yool’s storyline?
  • Healer, and how only one of us liked it
  • Though we both loved hacker ahjumma
  • The importance of watching more than one episode of a drama in order to get a better feel for it
  • One of us may or may not try to predict the drama ending before actually watching it, and
  • And discuss our frustration over just about every common K-drama trope you can think of

All in all, a very calm and relaxing listen: minor breakthroughs happen, promises are made, broken, then made again. The only drama here is in the ones we talk about.

What are your thoughts on these two dramas, and K-drama tropes in general? How long do you give a drama before you give it up?

(tvN, Kyunghyang)