20130417_seoulbeats_sistar19_3Once upon a time, we solicited some questions from you guys for us to discuss on a chat box. Better late than never, here’s our chat box answering some of those questions.

Some of the questions we answered:

  • Favorite Big Bang song?
  • G-Dragon solo vs. Taeyang solo vs. Seung-ri solo?
  • Advice for going to K-pop concerts?
  • After School or Sistar?
  • What’s the hardest part of doing a podcast?
  • What’s Seoulbeats really like?

We recorded this a little while ago, so we are not still in the thick of After School’s comeback, but our thoughts still stand!

Continue to ask us questions and we’ll definitely return with another edition of “Ask Seoulbeats”!

(Image via High Cut)