20140330_sistar_hyorinThe matchup by matchup, round by round elimination tournament known as March Madness will be upon us shortly. After revealing the juggernaut region that is Male Visual, another highly competitive region will be that of Female Vocals. Led by last year’s March Madness runner-up, Hyorin, this year’s field has been stacked with some of K-pop’s finest female vocalists who will be trying to snatch her crown. As with any finite selection, there are always those who are just as (if not more) deserving who ultimately get left on the cutting room floor. With all the vast array of quality vocalists in the industry, there’s bound to be a few who were snubbed. Who did you feel we cheated off this list?

seoulbeats_march madness_female vocals#1: Hyorin (Sistar)

Last Year’s Finish: Championship Round

Eliminated by: Jaejoong (JYJ)

Hyorin#2: Ailee

Last Year’s Finish: Sweet 16

Eliminated by: Hyorin (Sistar)


#3: Eunji (A Pink)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 64

Eliminated by: Ailee


#4: Minah (Girl’s Day)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 64

Eliminated by: Sunny (SNSD)


#5: Taeyeon (SNSD)

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 32

Eliminated by: Hyorin (Sistar)


#5: Tiffany (SNSD)

New Entry


#6: IU

Last Year’s Finish: Round of 64

Eliminated by: Hyorin (Sistar)


#6: Soohyun (Akdong Musician)

New Entry


#7: Choa (AOA)

New Entry


#7: Sera (Nine Muses)

New Entry


#8: Bohyung (Spica)

New Entry


#8: Solar (Mamamoo)

New Entry



Who’s got the pipes to fill your ballot box?

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