• http://twitter.com/#!/lovetigerfist xnopex

    i love the roles yoochun has played, however, i started to like jaejoong a lot more as an actor when i saw him on a japanese drama, sunao ni narenakute (or ‘hard to say i love you’).

    he played the part of ‘the doctor’, a guy in japan from korea selling medical equipment to support his sister. i won’t spoil why they’re in japan or his history but i was pleased throughout the drama as he played the second male lead to eita  (no easy feat) and managed to nail the part down. his character was shy and awkward but he didn’t seem as stiff or emotionless as he kinda came across in protect the boss. while, i understand that his character was supposed to be a stiff, toward the end of the drama, he kinda seemed he was phoning it in. i’m blaming the live shoot system for that fatigue though.plus, he managed to nail a part while speaking a foreign language throughout the drama. i was surprised that he didn’t choose to be dubbed like SOME actresses who act abroad (cough gu hye sun in absolute boyfriend) and if any of you speak more than one language, you know that switching “modes” takes a great deal of concentration.i can’t necessarily judge jaejoong’s ability in jin as i’m not watching it but i guess i’ll have to check it out! yoochun is great with comedy and i hope he does more of it.great article btw.disclaimer: i’m not even a jyj stan or anything and i realize how stanish this sounds hahaha.

    • hapacalgirl

      I think jaejoong had the best japanese of the tvxq/jyj boys during their promotions (correct me if I am wrong) so it makes sense that the language was never a problem. As for gu hye sun, i think for both mainland chinese and taiwanese dramas they dub foreign actors so its not really her fault plus they hired her even though she didn’t know the language. I haven’t seen absolute boyfriend but I expected them to dub her when she took the part. Weren’t both the suju boys dubbed in skip beat?

      But I do agree that jaejoong did pretty well in his jdrama even though he had to act second fiddle to eita which is not an easy job especially for someone’s first drama.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        People say it was either Jaejoong or Changmin. Apparently Japanese people usually pick Changmin’s Japanese. But they are definitely the top two. Honestly, though, the fact that it’s been debated just goes to show that all of DB5K is really fluent in the language.

      • animasaurus

        Overall, yeah Jaejoong and Changmin are the most fluent although Yoochun sounds like a Japanese person when he speaks apparently… but he never really tried to learn all of the vocabulary so he’s not quite as good.

        Yunho and Junsu… LOL. Yunho just has a thick accent (which I guess most japanese people find really cute) and Junsu is just… idk awkward. Jaejoong always helped him during interviews because his japanese was awkward and his pronunciation sucked… but cute in it’s own way.

        • http://twitter.com/daniaaaye aaina

          oh junsu <3333

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

          So…while Jaejoong and Changmin understand the language the most and can communicate better, Yoochun has the best accent? Right?

          Although, recently, apparently a Japanese professor complimented Yunho’s Japanese, saying he sounded completely fluent. :)

          • animasaurus

            Yunho has come a long way since db5k :) I think he probably uses it more than Yoochun and knows more too by now~

      • skye00

        we hosted a japanese exchange student before. we talked about thsk5’s japanese and she said that out of the 5, jaejoong had the most natural japanese accent and widest vocabulary range. (fyi, she’s a junsu fan. just in case people start questioning.)

        since i don’t follow the present thsk anymore and since they still have activities in japan, i don’t know if changmin has surpassed jaejoong’s japanese skill though. 

      • http://twitter.com/#!/lovetigerfist xnopex

        thank you! i completely forgot about skip beat! it kills me that they dub the actors over bc i’d much rather watch a taiwanese drama with their roster of amazing actors than watch a korean actor pantomime for an hour.

        but i guess an idol draws in the viewers. bleh

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

          Everyone gets dubbed though by professional voice actors, not just the “foreign” cast members. It’s to standardize the language tone of the drama itself. Since most actors are from different areas with different accents, all actors get dubbed over.

      • cancertwin2

        Six year Cassie here! I just wanted to add that it was Changmin who had the best Japanese during OT5. He was also the first to learn (but that’s just because he was very young when they went to Japan and very studious). This is something that made him quite popular except for the fact that he never spoke much. At first Jaejoong and Yunho’s accents were very thick. However Jaejoong definitely worked hard to improve his Japanese through the years. But I think that was out of pressure because he was considered (and voted) the Korean Prince of Japan. So it was expected that he have good Japanese by Big East (TVXQ Japanese fanclub). As for Yoochun, he has always been up there with CM and JJ. He just has a knack with languages but spent much of his time learning informal lingo and how to speak like the youth of Japan (something that made him very relatable to the Japanese). Junsu’s aka Jun-Chan’s Japanese just plain cute which worked well with loli-shota (male lolita) image.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HNXM2PAKBDYAQ32JXRPZDN5E7E Arinie

    errr i have to say there are few things that i don’t agree in this article. I thought Jung il Woo is doing a very good job in sangeuk dramas.Have u see him in Return of Iljimae? almost flawless. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JSL3RBWW5GFGNB7SX4FDUIC24Y Lucy

      Agree Jung Il Woo was flawless in that yet the drama is so underrated >.< but his role in Moon Sun got him nowhere since the character was not written well and he was wasted in that role…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HNXM2PAKBDYAQ32JXRPZDN5E7E Arinie

        yeah he kinda wasted in Moon Sun.Even his younger counterpart’s character is better written. This is off topic but i have to say that young Lee Min Hoo has soo much potential making a smooth transition from playing dramatic character in Moon Sun to a dorky one in Rooftop Prince. 

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I pick yoochun. Love them both but I thought jaejoong was being too….”jaejoong” in his role in protect the boss, like he was acting more like himself rather than the character. And I agree about his looks in dr.jin, he doesn’t look like he fits well in the sageuk period. When I watched yoochun in RTP go from dorky and silly to to being on the verge of tears in a matter of seconds, i thought that was such a big improvement. So yeah, yoochun.

  • hapacalgirl

    i was thinking the same thing. He was great and looked the part in iljimae (it helped that the mane of glory was real and not a wig). I will admit though that i was a bit surprised that he looked a bit out of place in moonsun considering he fit right in iljimae.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    Interesting…first article I’ve ever read to choose Jaejoong’s acting over Yoochun’s…I personally like Yoochun’s more, I think that Jaejoong delivers his lines a bit awkwardly…but I think they’re both good. :)

  • itsmysunshine

    I agree with most of things that author pointed out. But there is another key point to develop good acting: good chemistry. After watching some of Yoochun and Jaejoong’s dramas, in my opinion, Yoochun has good chemistry with the lead actress(es) most of the time. Maybe it’s all about the role itself too, but I found that Jaejoong didn’t show that kind of chemistry with his co-actress(es). 

    I was impressed with Jaejoong’s acting in Sunao ni Narenakute, though. More than him in Protect The Boss. At that time, I wasn’t even aware that he’s part of DBSK, but I knew he’s a Korean and I was really pleased with how he delivered his lines and how he portrayed the character.

  • asianromance

    I think Yoochun’s the better actor and is more able to absorb himself into the role and into the world his character lives in.  When he did a great job in SKKS, I attributed it to the good writing and good luck.  But his consequent roles proved that he really has the acting spark.  Yoohwan showed a bit more potential, but don’t know about his range.  

    I know that Jaejoong tries hard and I respect him for taking on supporting roles to improve himself, but I feel like he’s unable to let go and shed his awareness of the camera.  That doesn’t mean he won’t be able to have an acting career bigger than Yoochun’s one day.  Song Seung Hun’s got that problem too in his acting and he is an A-lister.  I think he’s still waiting for that one role that will get him to become one with the character he plays.  

    Regarding Jung Il Woo, he was reportedly superb in his sageuk role in Return of Iljimae (which was one of those amazing dramas with few viewers).  Yes Moon-Sun had like a bajillion viewers (I attributed it to the child actors who hooked everyone and then we all got rickrolled after they left), but the writing for that drama was pretty mediocre and the character, grown-up Yangmyung, was still moping over his long-lost-love Yeon-woo even though she died when she was just a kid.  

    • Cygnet White

      Totally agree, the Moon-Sun thing was just so overrated. The plot was poorly written and I find Han Ga In’s character and acting completely flat and uninteresting. But yeah, the younger actors got me hooked in the beginning.

      As for YC and JJ, I find YC a better actor than JJ (or at least he’s smarter in picking his roles). I find JJ’s facial expressions very limited and somewhat restrained (under-acting you might call it). And yeah, he sometimes seem way too pretty for a guy, to the point that he’s even prettier than his love interest in the drama.

  • Laurel Haas

    I’m sorry, but I really disagree. Each to their own, right? Jaejoong was absolutely rigid in Heaven’s Postman, and his emoting didn’t get much better in Protect the Boss – though at least he was able to smile in the drama. There was no subtle intensity; his characters just came off as flat and one-layered. I think it’s his eyes. They’ve only got one default expression. 

    I’m not a huge fan of Yoochun as an actor, but I will readily admit that he’s got talent. In Sungkyunkwan Scandal he had a very regal, quiet dignity, and he really grew leaps and bounds through his latest stint as king. At one point in Rooftop Prince, Yoochun was playing multiple characters at once (modern, past, and past masquerading as modern) and they all felt like three very separate entities. He portrays emotions well, sometimes veering into overacting (you can really see the wheels spinning as he over thinks things), but once he really lets go and eases more into the character, he’s totally believable. 

    Out of the two, I’d definitely say that Yoochun is the better actor. Sure Jaejoong played a stock chaebol-character in Protect the Boss so maybe the writing’s to blame, but in the hands of a better actor, the part might have been made more interesting. Just my opinion. (On a side note, Jung Il-woo is pretty kick ass in saeguks. When his hair is long and flowing in the breeze, it may as well be a shampoo commercial.)

  • muggle87

    the first thought that came to my mind when i saw the title, ah shit, this is going to add more fire to the recent fanwar. not saying that was your purpose. i doubt u even know what is going on in the fandom.

    my second thought after i read your article, oh, the writer pick jaejoong. Most ppl pick yoochun so that was surprise.

    i have seen his acting in dating on earth and compare to how he is now, he has improve a lot. i also like that he is taking on support roles, building up his craft in the field. I remember the first time I thought he had a serious potential, it was his role as doctor in the jdrama, sunao ni narenakute. I was amaze at how well he play that role.

    as for yoochun, like jaejoong, i also have seen most if not all his roles. i remember the first time i saw him act, and thought to myself, “he could have a future in acting.” Yoochun also improve so much. To me, his role as the prince is the best so far. 

    as for who i choose………………… >_< if i let my bias talk, then i choose jae but if drop bias thoughts, i pick yoochun.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    Jung Il Woo didnt fit in with Sageuk? With his perfect all natural mane of glory in Return of Iljimae? Anyways, about Jaejoong and Yoochun ,I love both of them but I’m deduced to the fact that Jaejoong is the better singer while Yoochun is the better actor.Though Jaejoong wasnt half as bad as people claimed in Protect the Boss he’s no match to Yoochun.Yoochun wasnt perfect in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but he played the role of Sun Joon superbly considering it was his debut and I believe raised the bar for idols in Kdramas.I watched Ms Ripley where he played a completely different role as Yutaka(I believe all TVXQ member speaks Japanese very well) a soft spoken half Japanese and humble heir to a large conglomerate.His acting in that drama was spot on.And his role in Rooftop Prince for me,cemented the fact that Yoochun of TVXQ can act.He played an upright scholar in SKKS,a really sweet guy in Ripley and a hilarious Prince in Rooftop who can say he’s not well rounded as an actor.While Jaejoong is still stiff,I’ve watched Heaven’s Postman and compared to Protect the Boss his acting did not change much. Well I guess there’s room to grow for him as an actor and he should start in Dr Jin where his character is the most interesting.

  • Jennyhime

    I have to disagree with you. Jaejoong was good in protect the boss but otherwise he is absolutely terrible. In dr.Jin he has improved a bit but he is still very stiff and wooden. Even though the whole production of dr.Jin is incredibly flawed compared to the original version. He was somewhat more relaxed in Sunao ni narenakute but there he had stronger more experienced actors(Eita, Ueno Juro and Tamayama Tetsuji) to help him. He is not a absolute train wreck but leading role material he is not yet at least. 
    Yoochun on the other hand in the stronger actor. I adored him in Rooftop prince, the role itself was quirky but he brought a charm to it. He is developing as a actor so I’m hoping he’ll continue to take on interesting projects in the future.

    • Haibara Christie

      Yoochun is definitely the better actor by FAR.  Jaejoong had a fun and rather easy role in PTB, and Yoochun had a similar role (in terms of fun) RTP and both carried those roles decently.  It’s SKKS that sets Yoochun apart as the better actor, since he was able to carry the role well in such a well received drama.  He could have been easily overshadowed by YAI and SJK, but he was able to hold his own against the two talented actors.  Jaejoong had a main role in Heaven’s Postman and he definitely was the “idol actor,” stiff and completely overshadowed by Han Hyo Joo, and she was pretty bad too in that one.

      What’s hard about comparing the two is that Jaejoong had several bad dramas…aka Dr.Jin, while I don’t think that Yoochun hasn’t had anything mediocre dramas as of yet. When the drama itself is bad, it’s a lot easier to start noticing ALL the problems with the drama, especially bad acting.  

      I think the best way to judge the two actors is through the Bajun Dramas (?) that DBSK did, because its a great way to compare them within the confines of the same drama.  Based on those, I still think that Yoochun is way better–and he’s improved in recent dramas.

    • Asn00

      I agree with you! it’s a FACT that Yoochun is way better and more successful as an actor. He already won a few Drama Awards and has more leading roles and his drama’s are more popular. Yoochun doesn’t always play the same
      character. He already proofed himself in the drama “missing you”. And
      now he is going to have a leading role in a movie. There is a reason why
      Yoochun always plays the main lead in a drama! Because he has more
      potential. I don’t say that Jaejoong isn’t a good actor. He still has to
      grow as an actor. But fangirls only choose Jaejoong because Jaejoong is their bias -_-” You have to look at the facts! Leading role/popularity/Winning awards .. that’s all Yoochun!

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    to be honest, jaejoong looks kinda off in a sageuk… 

  • ggoma

    Yoochun definitely.

  • doramafan28

    Is this article for real?
    this is the first article  that has ever put jaejoong over yoochun
    ALL the drama bloggers would put yoochun first i think despite their general distaste for idols.

    Yoochun Sageuk tone>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jaejoongs

    this article had me going WHUT??????? 

    I can only say as an avid korean drama viewer of nearly 5 years my mind.is.blown

    FOR ME as an actor


    BY FAR.

    Kind of funny that you criticise Yoochuns exaggerated facial expressions when received flack for keeping his expressions restrained in skks

    having said that 
    jaejoongs voice is better than yoochuns (by far)

    just a drama fan and someone keeping park yoochun the actor on my radar since Sungkyunkwan scandal

  • http://twitter.com/Noobologie Jub Jub

    No intention to here to start any YC-JJ fan war here. ^^
    Here goes…
    Jaejoong is just too… pretty? Just my honest opinion… Jaejoong doesn’t exactly fit anywhere. His face doesn’t fit any character well… so acting is just a no no for him. Singing… he can do that… but he seem more keen to act… idk.Yoochun on the other hand (I feel), have been the constant performer. The fact that he can get main roles means the producers and directors see something in him that others might not… and to be able to sell whatever he does without much problems also proves he has potential. I like him better as an actor than as a singer.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      I would agree about liking Yoochun better as an actor than a singer

    • UJjaejoong

       I would take Yoochun as a singer any day over Yoochun as an actor! the guy has one of the sexiest voice i have ever heard!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    For me it Yoochun by far actually 

  • mojo jojo

    Are you forgetting The Return Of Iljimae? Jung Il Woo can act, I actually think his character in Moon that Embraces the Sun was just kind of there.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      What was up with that drama? Moon…had so much potential and then it sort of went no where, very very slowly. You had great actors, really good ones  – and a rubbish actress (who was okay in the end) but the story was wack! Do you think they were writing as they went along and forgot what the story was about?

      • http://twitter.com/flirtygurl23 Dirty Diane

        Haven’t you ever heard of the unexpected disaster when the best actors are all cast together in a jumble? Even if you combine some of the best actors, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are all compatible with each other when they play their roles. It’s certainly a sad occurrence for directors and producers, but not the first time something like this situation happens. 

        • hapacalgirl

          if there is anything i learned from mary stayed out all night is that you can have some of the best actors casted together and it still be mess, it all comes down to the story and writing in the end and to be honest moonsun never tapped the full potential of its plot possibilities.

          • http://twitter.com/flirtygurl23 Dirty Diane

            I couldn’t have said it better myself ~

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

            It’s such a waste of drama to have Moon Geunyoung and Jang Geunsuk, arguably the some of the most talented child star-turned-adult actors, in the cast yet have such a shitty story.

  • noiha

    uh, i don’t think a face has anything to do with sageuk acting. i’ve seen many “modern” faces (what’s the meaning of that anyway?) who are able to act properly in sageuk (see jung il woo’s return of iljimae as people here have recommended). if anything, it’s the actor/actress capability (not just sageuk speech, but also acting in a more subtle way and properly in the era), the screenwriter/director to bring out the actor/actress capability with the character and the plot, and also, the makeup artist to make him/her fit to the era. i’m not only talking about flashy and eyecandy-ish sageuk outfits, but everything to make the character surreal (ex. moon geunyoung in painter of the wind).

  • http://twitter.com/nas_election Nasuha Solo

    Hmm I only watched Yoochun’s drama so I didn’t know if Jaejoong is any good or what. But i just gotta agreed with you that Yoochun is limited. Maybe he takes a little too much in saeguk. Sometimes I want him to get any other kind of character.. I wants him to proved himself that can take any kind of character…

    Jaejoong is good because he is experimenting himself in character that he took and all of it are different.

  • Winter Rose

    i’m not a jyj fan and i’m definitely not a fan of either of these guys. yoochun’s not a super amazing actor, but of course he’s better than jaejoong, why is this even a question? you sound biased tbh.

  • Seri Park

    I totally agree… I’ve been surprised by Jaejoong’s acting skills.  I think he would be excellent in the lead role of a modern romantic drama…

  • Fresh Lemons

    Is everyone forgetting how Jaejoong was in the SBS movie “Postman to Heaven” bc he was pretty terrible in that movie. He was like a lifeless doll in that film

  • mangochic

    I disagree as I think Yoochun is waaayyy better that Jaejong. I watched Toochun is Rooftop Prince and SKKS and he definitely improved in his acting ability although I think his best new actor awards are very premature.

    Jaejoong has a long way to go. I think he got lucky in PTB as the character wasn’t too far from his real life personality. He was just okay. In Dr. Jin he is so awkward even though I feel he is really trying. He isn’t comfortable in the role and its translating on the screen making it a bit uncomfortable to watch him. 

    Yoochun>>>Jaejoong for now.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      I agree about Dr. Jin, but to be fair everyone is awkward in the road wreck of a drama – i just can’t watch it anymore. 

      Yoochun has improved since his emotionless/expressionless acting in SKKS, tune into that drama for him….i did not. But yeah, he’s not the best actor in the world – but he’s come along way.

  • mangochic

    Not everyone is awkard, You have veteran actors like Minister Kim, his son, mob guy,  who are really good in their roles. Lee so yeon is really good as the mysterious gisaeng while Lee Bum Soo is knocking it out of the pack with his a Eung’s portrayal. The actor playing Younghwi is really good too.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      Okay not everyone – but the three main leads are. Seriously i find it pretty awful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    I skipped ur aticle to say Yoochun. While Jaejoong is improving , he is still a bit awkward in his acting. I dont know why, but Jaejoong looks like a hurt puppy in Dr. Jin. His expression always seems to be his hurt puppy look or the stern face. If there is a variation to these two, then its too subtle for me to catch it. I know I may sound mean but Im actually a bigger fan of Jaejoong! Im just saying the truth, even if I adore Jaejoonie, 

    Now im looking at ur article and Im surprised. My friend did comment on Yoochun’s exaggerated expression when he found his wife dead, but Ill forgive him on that. They were both pretty awkward in the start of the drama. Yoouchun was better though. 

  • UJjaejoong

    If i hadn’t watched Dr. Jin then i would have said Jaejoong, because he was fabulous and very charismatic in Protect the boss plus he was one convincing loser in Sunao (Japanese drama)..but i actually start giggling whenever i see Jaejoong in sanguek garb teehee…i am sorry to say that his acting is not too good here, plus his dialogues seemed way too forced when he tries to talk in that certain sanguek accent! baby doesn’t belong in sangueks!
    As for Yoochun he is growing by leaps and bounds as an actor with every production! His character in SKKS is still very dear to me but him as LG in Rooftop Prince completely and totally won my heart!
    One of the most difficult thing for an actor to do is a comedy! you have to gauge your expressions and dialogue delivery just right to get that comic feel through to the viewers! And with Rooftop Prince Chun definitely achieved that! i think Chun has a wonderful career as an actor ahead of him!
    As for Jaejoong i would like to see him in modern dramas like PTB, where he is all sexy and has a smart mouth..and i think Jae will do well too!!
    no need to worry about these 2 seoulbeats!

  • aratin

    There’s way too many things wrong with this article, I don’t even know where to begin. But, your conclusions on Yoochun, Jaejoong and Jung Il Woo are so absurd, so far too the extreme that it negates whatever point you were trying to make.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BUFAT7Q7PSBDPYH5XQY3FAEZ7I Oscar

    very interesting
    So far I like both Yoochun and Jaejoong acting thou I somehow relate more to Jaejoong characters.

    What you pointed about how the fact Jaejoong is chosing support roles will help him develop more as he is acting with veterans is something that have cross my mind too

    Jaejoong is not a great actor yet, but I think he is in the righ path. He is not typecasted, as each role he plays is different so I’m excited to see where his acting career will lead

    As for yoochun, he is doing pretty fine in his roles and the only fear I have is that he ends up enclosed in the same type of characters in the future. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3GCUP27BO5UG4ATBC4EOTGDOBU Jessica Liu

    Thanks for your article. I always felt I was in the minority in thinking Jaejoong’s acting potential is greater than Yoochun’s. For Yoochun, he was great in RTP but he was also given a great role to work with. And the characters he’s portrayed thus far all seem to have the same underlying personalities, it’s just the drama genres that are different. So here is Mr. strict-rich-boy in Japanese 1 hour drama. Then it’s Mr. strict-rich-boy in sageuk rom com. Next is Mr. strict-rich-boy in melodrama. And finally, here’s Mr. strict-rich-boy in modern rom com. 

    As for Jaejoong, he’s always tackled character that are harder to portray and they’re all quite different. Of course, sometimes he stumbles and sometimes you see glimpses of the good potential he has in his future as an actor. 

    A lot of people happen to be bandwagon critics. Some actors are accepted as great actors by a couple of big name drama fans and others mimic the sentiment without challenge. Only time will tell… that is, if the drama viewing community can remain open minded instead of regurgitating other people’s ideas.

    • Gofly

      Yuchun was acting an average policeman in “Missing you” and it was such a complicated mixture of characters. Nobody can deny that he was acting so well, adding colour to the role itself. I must say that after “Missing you” I don’t think Jaejoon can be Yuchun’s beat in acting skills.

  • icecafe

    Saw title of article, come in and read, prepare popcorn, scroll down to comment section. I knew there would be YC stans defending one while subtly bashing the other. Fandom, so amusing. 

    • cancertwin2

       I really don’t think its fair to dismiss comments in favor of Yoochun as the rantings of stans. A lot of these comments are actually well written and have made their point. Also, because several of them have watched their works as actors in more instances than the author and most non-DBSK/JYJ fans, they have a better means to compare.

      • icecafe

        Well written,but biased views. You can tell by their tone, that they’re YC fans coming in to defend him. Fine by me since they are his fans. Personally in my opinion, both YC and JJ are on the same level, one is good at this, and the other is good at the that. No one is above anyone, they’re still stiff idol actors that needs tremendous works. One is stiff in movement, while the other is exaggerated in expressions. His, what they call, chunfaces? Was so off in some scenes in RTP, I had to stop watching it. Switching back and forth in characters is easy when most of his characters are the same. While the other one was acting as if he’s modeling, a pause here, a pause there, have breathing problem whenever he speaks, stiff movements, crazy eyes. And back to YC who uses the speech he learns in SKKS to use it again in RTP. His RTP character is like a smash of SJ and Yutaka, of course he’ll do well in it. At least one of them knows that he’s not good enough to lead, thank god. While the other keep leading, but let his female co-stars carry the freaking drama for him. Both only gets jobs thanks to the big fanbase. But the fanwars are pretty amusing, keep it up. 

        • cancertwin2

          It was never my claim that some of them were not Yoochun fans. However their tones seemed to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they did not have good points. None of the comments read like a typical fangirl “Jaejoong sux at acting…Yoochun oppa is the best!” which is what your comment makes it seem. Many of them stated the same points as you. So, whats the difference? Also there were several people who were Jaejoong fans that still choose Yoochun for the same reasons stated by the so called Yoochun biased fans. My point is that everyone shouldn’t be generalized as fangirls just because they happen to share the same views with some of the others. That is both patronizing and unnecessary.

          PS this is not a fanwar. If you want a fanwar, you may want to visit a post with Homin stans vs JYJ stans. That’s a real show!

  • http://twitter.com/VioletSong_ Violet

    Both of them seem to have a long way to go but they’ve only just started and the road ahead looks bright. I think Yoochun will become increasingly popular and be more dominant in dramas than Jaejoong. However, I agree with the writer’s viewpoint that Jaejoong has more potential based on the foundation he’s laid and the trajectory he’s on. Maybe Jaejoong will find his niche in films as opposed to dramas. 

    I believe K-dramas favor certain types of actors over overs and the same could be said for films. Jaejoong just feels more cinematic to me. 

  • cancertwin2

    I’m not one to compare the two guy’s acting for several reasons. Mainly I love and support them equally and also, because there are far too many people doing that as it is. This article just serves to intensify the debate (which may or may not have been the author’s intention).

    I honestly don’t see the need to compare because both are acting for two completely different reasons. Yoochun has been serious about acting since the DBSK5 days. Hence why SME made him the star of “Dating on Earth”. With each role that he takes now, he’s really trying to improve. He has said himself that he has a lot to learn as an actor and he’s willing to learn.

    Meanwhile you have Jaejoong who is quite frankly not passionate about acting. This is partially the reason he takes on supporting roles. He knows that he’s not ready to give his all to a drama yet. But he is a natural actor in my eyes. I think that if he continues taking roles, then he will definitely improve and maybe even become more enthralled with acting. However music seems to be his true love.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    uh oh…I just found out there’s a fan war going on between Jaejoong’s fan union and Yoochun’s fan union about CF’s offered to Yoochun.It’s gonna be bloody if they ever wind up in this article.

    • cancertwin2

       Yeah, they are called acgae fans.
       And DBSK/JYJ has a lot of them.
       As if they didn’t have enough drama with anti-fans and sasaengs!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        It’s actually sad for Yoochun and Jaejoong who are really close to have their fans fighting like this.

        • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Ties ‘Shimsalabim’

          I just can’t understand why the fans think they need to clean the name of their bias while he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it at all. just saying.

    • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

       yup. it was kinda stupid actually..started by acgae fans (fans who only support one member and are willing to slander other member just for the sake of her bias).

  • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

    It’s ironic that I found Jaejoong to be the better actor in Dating In Earth than Yoochun, and now I find myself liking the latter’s acting better than the former. Jaejoong, as much as I love his voice and the fact that he looks like he popped from straight out of a manga, can’t act very well….His problem, in my opinion, lies in his inability to express any emotion except for what he’s feeling at that moment, just look at the MV for Balloons and you’ll see what I’m talking about, and his obvious awareness of his surroundings hinders his ability to actually get into the role he’s in. He’s really witty and clever person, as shown in the various variety shows he did in DB5K, as well as quirky, and roles that fit that persona will suit him well, but he can’t really stretch himself any further because of his emotional limitations. I have yet to see him completely invest himself in a role that requires him to show an emotional range. Sure Yoochun can go overboard with his emotions, but his ability to switch into many different roles in RTP was really impressive. Maybe one day the two of them can play roles that I won’t expect from them (Yoochun being a villian and Jaejoong being an everyman)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OEKDVNCUOPFILY5ZNQ3ZEZ3FG4 Sen

    I think both of them are doing fine.

    About Yuchun I think most people (including myself) start liking him from his role in RTP. Honestly his character is very charming, But I wish he chose a different role next time, he is always acting as the rich guy/prince…It was like this since his japanese phone-movie, SKKS, Miss Ripley, RTP… He needs to portray more challenging roles. 
    Despite saying this I think he did right to choose SKKS and RTP because both of them bring him popularity and recognition.
    His chunface make me love him in RTP..but I do agree when some people say he overacted in some scenes, I think most rom-com korean dramas are like that.
    Korean critics praise his tone of voice, he is very good.
    and I also think he is alot better actor than singer. 

    Jaejoong in the other hand..he’s very interesting to watch….
    It’s true he is very pretty/handsome/beautiful whoever you want to call him….honestly I always watch 2 times his parts in his dramas, because his face is very charming to watch..There are only a few actors who have that kind of power, and he is one of them…at least for me.
    Korean critics praise his acting eyes, Yuchun also praised his acting eyes, admitted to be envious of JJ’s role in PTB and consider JJ’s sageuk acting better than his acting in SKKS. 
    So much praise to Jaejoong..I think it’s not for nothing…Of course I agree there is a room of improvement..But reading how he acted those action scenes, and seeing how his acting improve in every project, and all his roles are different from another..It something very respectable…also I like how he still didn’t chose to play the main character, he did well because it’s very difficult that an idol/actor carry with the ratings…

    Those JYJ’s members are well rounded artists…2/3 good actors^^

    • MY_CLOCK

      3/3 good actor…Junsu is not a drama/movie actor but a musical actor so 3/3

  • dealwithitdumbfuck

    jaejoong can’t act. he should sticks with singing. end of story.
    okay, jaejoong biases, you guys can bash me now lol

    • brain_wicked

       why would them?

  • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

    *popcorn ready*

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    In the present, Yoochun. In the future, that remains to be seen. Jaejoong has a lot of potential and I prefer subtle acting. That’s no fault of the actors themselves, it’s just my preference. I also feel as though Jaejoong gets a lot of bandwagon flack. There is definitely room for improvement but he is NOT, by far, the worst idol actor I’ve come across. I’m excited for his movie because as was said earlier, I think Jaejoong has a “movie look” rather than a “drama look.” 

    • http://twitter.com/daniaaaye aaina

      this actually makes sense. looking forward to see this happen more than anything! :)

  • sadako92

    I think the author of this post just tries to stand out, going against the majority of critics by saying that Park Yoochun is average and Jaejoong is the one with the best future as an actor. I won’t really compare the two because so far I’ve see Jaejoong only in the first seven episodes of Dr. Jin: he’s not bad but a bit uneven. I like Jaejoong anyway, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. Hence I will just talk about Park Yoochun.

    As a cinema enthusiast for a good amount of years and also as a drama addict, it doesn’t
    take me a long time to recognize at once the actors who shine, who have the precious “it-factor” that makes the audience rule for them at first sight. And I can tell you that Yoochun has it. It doesn’t take more than three episodes to be struck by his charisma and versatility. In fact, he truly shines in Rooftop Prince since the first episodes, he does not even need time to get into the role like many experienced actors do, even very good ones that I love.

    To say that external factors (script, other actors etc) are what make him good in the drama (because he is undoubtly good) is such an implausible argument that I can only call this pure “mauvaise foi” (ill-faith in English?). Especially when we are talking about comedy, which is one the most difficult thing to succeed in when it comes to acting. It’s the opposite. Rooftop Prince would never have hooked the audience as much as it did without Park Yoochun’s acting and the wonderful chemistry that the whole cast exudes. Everybody knows that an idol’s name is not enough to catch the audience of a drama, it even seems to cause the audience to draw back from it if we look at the many recent lacklusters based on idols’ names. You will never make anyone believe that Rooftop Prince had more chances to make it than The King 2 Hearts that relies on names such as Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi and the Hong sisters.

    Back to Yoochun’s performance. His facial expressions are very rich and endearing throughout the whole series, his body language is a pure joy to watch and most of all, he gives the impression to feel deeply inside every little emotion his character is experiencing. The way he switches from one character to another in RTP is simply amazing. I would also add that his acting is original and natural at the same time. It is extremely fresh. That’s one of the reasons why he was able to raise so much enthusiasm. He’s also very good with other actors, whether it is in comical or emotional scenes. Although he was good from the
    start (Sunkyunkwan Scandal or… no, even that Nonstop 4 episode? lol), Rooftop Prince was his real breakthrough performance. The  guy belongs to the “emotional actors”
    category and is clearly a revelation.  And it’s so great to witness this.

    • noiha

      agree with you. ^^b

      anyway, just to get it straight since people might misunderstand, the “Hong sisters” in K2H is not the same “Hong sisters” who write romcom hits like DGCY, YAB, Best Love, MGIAG, etc. it’s another “Hong sisters” pack, the ones who write “Bethooven Virus” if i’m not wrong. imo, rather than the writers, the director is the one carrying bigger influence. 

      • sadako92

         True about the Hong sisters. I just remember that the name was emphasized along with the casting and production design when TK2H was about to air. Among the 3 dramas airing at the same time, TK2H was clearly the blockbuster.

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

       Nope better scratch out that nonstop episode. I don’t really remember much of it but he did do that before he did “dating on earth” (the mini-drama or w.e it was that was released with one of db5k concert dvds), and he was terrible in dating on earth, like absolutely cringe-worthy. He must have realized how bad he was and gained motivation to improve :p .


    For me:

    Movie: Jaejoong 
    Drama: Yoochun.
    Musical: Junsu..  

  • aratin

     “I’ve always said this to my friend, “If Chun had not been a singer, the man could have easily been an actor and an actor only.” It just so happens he has a beautiful croon to boot [referring to his voice]. He is very expressive with not just his words and voice but with his body. It may not be easy to understand him but it’s easy to tell what he’s feeling. His expression is never stoic, in fact, being stoic is not at all natural to him. Shy? Yes. But stoic, not so much. He expresses himself with his whole body, face and voice. That characteristic of his is very valuable to him as an actor. Now that he’s learned or as he’s learning to about himself and carrying himself, becoming a character is natural. The man has a SYMPATHY for emotions and freely shows it. He knows himself very well and does not lie to himself. I think he can be whatever character he wants, so long as he’s aware of what kind of character he’s playing. He relates a character to emotions, I feel, and not so much experiences. Hence his versatility and so called “naturalness” in a characters shoes. He makes a fictional character human, he makes them real.

    Now Junsu, as discussed before is a musical actor. And I think that also makes him a method actor. He becomes the character, a fictional being. That’s what makes Chun and Junsu different in their methods. He is not just reciting lines, he is singing. The emotion is already chosen for him, the identity is chosen for him … Junsu uses his ability to UNDERSTAND a character with music to become that character. Again, as mentioned before … he chooses an EXTREME approach to bring out bold personalities. That is what a musical actor does and he does it so well. I think it would take a bit more time for him to ever learn to be in a drama; doing the every day role, without music, and much to the effect of the ordinary. But I certainty don’t think it’s impossible for him to do it and to do it exceptionally.

    And then there’s Jaejoong. Out of all of them, I feel he has the most conflict within himself when playing a character BUT I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Some of you mentioned that he sometimes seems nervous and too self aware and I think that’s because he is the one endures the most EMPATHY. He sees more to character than he should show. He can control his mannerism, gestures and expressions to an extent where everything can seem quite calculative as apposed to just letting them flow out like Chun or creating them based on one point perspective like Junsu. Thinking about his abilities reminded me about how he used to say that when he was young, he was tone deaf. Now I don’t know to what extent that was true. At best I can maybe guess he meant he was untrained to an extent where he had no musical theory knowledge, sense of his range and obliviously no control. Going from that to what he is now tells me that he is one to tackle a task with intelligence and cumulative skill. This man can do anything as long as he’s determined to. He goes beyond his own satisfaction. I don’t think he has a problem acting but choosing a side to his character. There’s nothing wrong with a multidimensional character but that kind of fictional being takes time to create, especially within the realms of dramas where he has to drag out the development. Having that said, I think his best realm is to do more film. Where a character can be more complex almost automatically in a shorter amount of time.

    There’s a difference between novels, lyrical scores and short fiction. All can be extraordinarily deep and complex but require different points of view and approaches. JYJ are exceptional talents and their strengths all differ. The arts not only require skill but emotional competence. Yeah, that’s a legitimate concept. And the way they express themselves shows different approaches to emotional expression. Yoochun is an open book, Junsu hides behind a serious or cute face and Jaejoong … well let’s just say he has a knack for innuendo. Make of that what you will. In the end, as they mature further their strengths will accumulate and I’m sure if they so desire, then can tackle anything!”PandaZTAR

    • yuuki

      u know them soo well :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tunmi Turayo Tijani

    Aw geez. Both guys are good. However, I like that JaeJoong plays supporting roles rather than lead. Whether it is his decision or the director’s, I like it. Start small and work your way up. In Protect the Boss, he was quite good. In Rooftop Prince, Micky was also quite good. They both show promise. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WB2AGJ6Q2U43TZHKNPQGFEGWOI Madhuri Sharma

    Yoochun was adorable in Rooftop Prince and even though he over reacts sometimes, he conveys a lot more emotion then Jaejoong.

  • http://twitter.com/johbenj JOH

    Not being bias.. But yoochun! 

  • http://yesbabyohyea.blogspot.com/ Allison Nakamura

    yoochun was dabbed as the best actor in tvxq5 days. i was kinda questioning it back then. but then i looked into his dramas and i think i kinda know why. he could portray romantic side of the role he’s playing on in which resulted major heartthrobbing of many girls (fans or not). he tends to display better emotion in romantic scenes, i think. and that’s, for major people, is quite a boner just to go and watch his dramas. and undoubtedly making producers and directors choose him for the role. it’s just my thoughts anyway ^^;;

    as for jaejoong. i love his role back then in heaven’s postman eventhough it was too model-ly like but he, aside from appearance, is a real angel that fits for such role. the way he walks, his gestures, his glares, everything is just fit for the role of jaejun there. in protect the boss, he pulled off the role of boss muwon so perfectly real and i just can feel every inch of his emotion (it looks better with his hair spiked rather than with bangs). his plays on romantic scenes were okay (and he’s much of a better kisser!) but he just seems quite lost in it. so, um, i gotta handle the trophy for yoochun. kyungtak though, it made me cringe. i just can’t imagine him in a saeguk drama with all those accents and heavy voices and yes he still can’t able to pull it off quite well along with that outfits although his acting is just as nice as he was in protect the boss. his eyes speaks so much and his emotions portrayed well in every gestures. well done. but saeguk is just not his scene. and the scenario for his character just make it worse. i agree with you. he better stays in modern drama, and keep being supporting role until he’s ready to be the leading man. i’m quite curious for jackal’s coming. i hope he could pull it well!

    can you please make the comparison on yunho and changmin’s acting too? thank you :D

  • Crystal88

    I have different opinion with you. I know Han Ji Min but I don’t know the main actor in Rooftop Prince. My first reaction when I watched Rooftop prince is wow ..this actor can act so I started to know that his name is Park Yoo Chun. then I watched SKKS also Miss Ripley. His acting was quite good in SKKS, Miss Ripley is just ok but he improves a lot in Rooftop prince. I have never watch Jae Joong drama before so I have no comment.

  • http://twitter.com/MStyle_Girl Joyce

    Now, i adored both of them but Yoochun is better than Jae for me at this moment.

    Coming from a pure cassie here.

  • http://twitter.com/MStyle_Girl Joyce

    Actually, Changmin is the best in japanese. #Justsaying

  • arlien harlikah p.

    I just watch Dr. jin recent episode recent episode and i aggree with you here….with the jaejoong approach his acting career, i think he’ll be more successfull than yoochun, he has a lot of potential and there’s room for improvement. Personally, i like his subtle acting better

  • http://twitter.com/Forever21really 张慧

    Jaejoong is a hard-working man.He always tries his best to do the things he likes.So he is worth being supported!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YAKEMTQRSKAU5ES32QFRXWINTU Gabie Nguyen

    This is no brainer. Yoochun, by miles.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YAKEMTQRSKAU5ES32QFRXWINTU Gabie Nguyen

    This is no brainer. Yoochun, by miles.

  • Cheer Chen

    WOW I actually didn’t expect SeoulBeats to do such a controversial comparison.Based on what I’ve watched so far,I kind of agree with you.
    Yuchun has a very warm and gentle appearance while Jaejoong is more fierce,let’s call it visual shock.Yuchun played quite well in RTP which I think suits his own personality very well.It’s pleasant to watch his performance with such hilarious plot
    .As to Jaejoong’s role,I didn’t like his acting of Kyung Tak very much at first.His tone is a little bit awkward and his body movement is too much for a disciplined officer. But as the story progresses,I find him corrected most of his problems step by step.His tone has greater varying range and the speed is more natural.What’s more surprising is his acting of subtle emotions.His scenes with Minister Kim and Yonghwi have become the most compelling scenes in Dr.Jin even though he is not the main actor.I’m looking forward to his new role in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luo.kathy.9 Luo Kathy

    I could not be agree with u any more. Cause jaejoong’s eyes can show me a great aggression… you know, i can see his emotion from his eyes… that always make me forget he once an idol, and which surprises me most, kyung tak’s mood can exude naturally. expect his next drama

  • http://twitter.com/_H3nNi_ xH3NnIx

    Before comparing them i hope people here already watch their drama and here i mean all their drama and if you are not yet then just shut your mouth.
    Anyway, both of them is really good and somehow it’s kind funny for me when they are still in dbsk both of them always play as two rival, YC usually as the main lead and JJ as the second lead lol but from here i can see how good YC on acting tream then JJ and i believe YC will doing good on drama then JJ but after watching Dr.Jin i finally can say JJ acting is the best here and hes proof he is not just a pretty face, Dr.Jin is such a mess drama, the writer and the PD suck but JJ can survive despite all those situation..that was so good coz he even better then the main lead here (sorry SSH but your acting suck in this drama), his character is different with when he is on PTB and this is what i like coz he can suprise me. by the way the way seoulbeats said about pretty face made me think pretty face don’t exsis on joseon era lol but ahh royal family usually have pretty prince right lol.Talking about Yoochun just like i say above he is born to be an actor somehow i think even as a singer, but so far i’m watching YC drama.. he always doing the same role i means from all his drama he always act as the same character as a cheabol son and thats kind boring for me just like with RTP even before i start watching this drama i already know he will doing a good job here since this is the save and the most suit character with YC but plz next time suprise me i wanna know can he act with a different character, by the way i hear the writer nim (SSKS and RTP) made YC character based YC appearance on their mind thats was good but yeah again suprise me but still this is a great honor for YC, this what will you get when you can find what character suit you the most and i hope JJ can do that to. Good luck for both of them, they are one of a few good idol-actor.

  • http://twitter.com/cheshire05151 cheshire0515

    Well for the acting I prefer JaeJoongie more here, no doubt^ ^ As I like his acting from the past roles he had portrayed, now I can say  I LOVE his acting in Dr.Jin! Wow, just wow, he surprised me almost in every episode there! He improved by each episode, when you feel ‘done! He’s so great!’ but in next episode you’ll be amazed by him even more! You’ll find more and more shining points in the character KyungTak he portrayed. And of course from all the roles he had portrayed so far I love Kim KyungTak the most! This character’s just unbelievable and unforgettable!^ ^
    All the best wishes to the actor Kim Jaejoong! I believe one day you’ll definitely grow to be a great actor!
    And I’v seen there’s some comments like ‘plz do something to that flawless white face when he’s in the historical drama’ LOL I don’t know why almost in every drama he took part in there’ll be some ppl request to downtone his looks, when everybody trying their best to cover their flaws in the historical dramas and trying to hold a good looking if possible, why the flawless one being ask to fix it??? Isn’t it ridiculous? LOL You mean it’s just impossible that such a pretty person would be exsit in the past time??? LOL Well to me a great actor has nothing against to have a pretty face at the same time^ ^ Actually I’m more appreciate to his extraordinary beauty than borthered by it, and I feel his looks even could add something more impressive into his characters and makes them outstanding than all the others.
    Continue your great works JaeJoong, as an actor you’ll have a very bight future!^ ^

  • naninu

    don’t compare them! they’re both adorable!

  • celia chen

    I agree with the author.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GlenysJavier Glenys Javier

    I havent seen Dr Jin, but enjoy Rooftop Prince. FIrst time watching Yoochun in his element. As an American Actor I study Korean actors because there acting skillz are insane. I’m learning so much by these dramas, I heart them. Now I m a big fan of Yoochun and cant wait to see him in Miss Riply to see how diverse he is. Dr Jin is next, but to be honest I perfer 20 episodes or less. Long ones to me drag, is like come on already. So lets see when I get to see all 100’s episodes of Dr. jin. heehee. 

  • Sowon K

    i think the problem with Jaejoong is that his looks are too unique to be able to blend with his character. Yoochun quite frankly has a very plain face. you can easily imagine him as a really attractive normal citizen, but with Jaejoong, he just looks like an idol. I think Jaejoong’s problem is similar to Kim Tae Hee. She recently got criticism for her foot acting, but mainly its cuz everyone pays attention to her face. Also Jaejoong really depend on his hairstyle (i worry for him when he goes to military). I am an avid Jae fan but he looked so awkward in PTB and Dr J without his eyeliner, bangs, longish hair and eye contacts. Jaejoong doesnt even need to pursue acting. he said it himself in an award speech that he first went into acting cuz he HAD to not cuz he Wanted to. His voice is amazing as a singer, he doesnt need to establish an acting career. Jae is also a person who hides his emotions (well pre-lawsuit anyways) in contrast to Yoochun who was the group’s cry baby. I think he was the best during Dating on earth. In fact i think he really suits Rebellious characters. Yoochun was always the more popular one in Korea since debut, while Jaejoong was more popular around Asia. plus yoochun had better drama choices.

  • Asn00

    I don’t agree with this! This is only your opinion! Jaejoong is good. But it’s a FACT that Yoochun is way better and more successful as an actor. He already won a few Drama Awards and has more leading roles and his drama’s are more popular. Yoochun doesn’t always play the same character. He already proofed himself in the drama “missing you”. There is a reason why Yoochun always plays the main lead in a drama! Because he has more potential! You have to look at the facts! I don’t say that Jaejoong isn’t a good actor. He still has to grow as an actor. But fangirls only choose Jaejoong because Jaejoong is their favorite! -_-“

  • Asn00

    it’s a FACT that Yoochun is way better and more successful as an actor.
    He already won a few Drama Awards and has more leading roles and his
    drama’s are more popular. Yoochun doesn’t always play the same
    character. He already proofed himself in the drama “missing you”. And
    now he is going to have a leading role in a movie. There is a reason why
    Yoochun always plays the main lead in a drama! Because he has more
    potential. I don’t say that Jaejoong isn’t a good actor. He still has to
    grow as an actor. But fangirls only choose Jaejoong because Jaejoong is
    their bias -_-” You have to look at the facts! Leading
    role/popularity/Winning awards .. that’s all Yoochun! ;) So your opinion
    doesn’t really matter. It’s a fact that Yoochun is the better Actor!

  • Cleopetra Kim

    I see so many butthurts in comments, After Triangle, what do you have to say? There are so many great actors who didn’t get awarded, need I say more?

  • saadiajj22

    Luv both of these amazing actors n brothers<3<3<3<3

  • saadiajj22

    There is no reason to compare….both r awesome in their own ways:-)