2013063_seoulbeats_oh_yeon_seoWelcome to another Comments of the Week!

This week in music and idol news, we looked at recent or past works of Dal Shabet, Sunny Hill, Baek Ah-yeon, Dynamic Duo, SALTNPAPER, Girl’s Day, and Roy Kim.

For film, fashion and tv topics, we covered the best of last week’s music shows, the fashionable boys of summer, and the disappointing conclusion to Gu Family Book.

For socio-cultural topics, we talked about the history of the chaebol, Se7en and Sangchu‘s midnight romp, Jay Park and his Vine mishap, and BtoB‘s recent ordeal with their fans.

In continuation of our Mid-year poll, we asked our readers about the most underwhelming debutfavorite guest variety appearance, and the most intriguing news so far this year. As per your votes, we also highlighted your favorite underrated songs. Be sure to get your votes in on the polls before they close!

Here are three short but sweet comments from readers that caught my eye this week:

K.H on Korean Culture Through K-pop 102: The Chaebol:

This article is really interesting! Although I’d have to disagree with Prof Kelly’s opinion about chaebol in the west. Ours are the Rockafellers or the Johnsons or the Hiltons. And for industries without the powerful and instantly recognizable dynastic names, there are subsidies and lobbying. And that’s just in America! Europe has a whole network of intermarried nobility tied to industry and government.

idontknoe on No Happy Ending In Sight for Se7en and Sangchu:

Army scandals are worse because it hits home for every single Korean. Everyone has a father, brother, boyfriend, or friend who had to suffer through with army service. Now seeing how celebrities soldiers treat it when most soldiers don’t even get to see their family sucks.

Psy had to serve an extra 2 years of army service the right way for people to forgive him, and MC Mong still can’t even show his face in public.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmqQpaiu11I]

MEalways on No Happy Ending In Sight for Se7en and Sangchu:

All the more respect to those actors and idols who had fulfilled their enlistment with praise from the fellow soldiers. It was known to be hard, but they made it and could still gaining fame and respect afterwards.

Hyun Bin, [Won] Bin, Kim Tae Woo aka the Bear, Gong Yoo, comes to mind, amongst others….

As always, thanks for being the great readers that you are!

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