“Hello. This is YG Entertainment.

Who else would be writing a YG Notice on ygfamily.com?

We thank you all for supporting GD&TOP’s first album, which was released back on December 24th of last year.

That was good stuff, yo.

GD&TOP’s logo, as stated before in many interviews, was designed combining a rabbit, in recognition of the year of the rabbit, and a fist holding up a V-sign that stands for victory.

Yeah, I’m sure the fact this is resembles a spaceless and timeless icon for all things pornographic has NOTHING to do with it

It was based off of Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s rabbit design logo.

“Based off” implies that you did more than draw three lines.

However, our company didn’t receive permission from Playboy, who has trademark rights for their rabbit logo, and we’re not involved with Playboy in any shape or form.

Makes me wonder what else you “didn’t receive permission” for…

Therefore, to prevent any confusion, we’ve accepted Playboy’s polite request and have decided to stop using GD&TOP’s rabbit logo.

Aw. Despite, it’s inappropriateness, I’ll miss the GD&TOP bunny.

We will suspend sales for GD&TOP’s album, and release a NEW COVER version starting in July.

Please show your love and support for the newly designed ‘GD&TOP First Album New Cover Ver.‘ (all songs will be the same).

Thank you!!

Okay, YG. Whatever you say.

I much prefer this logo; it radiates a soft, warm vibe that juxtaposes nicely with the sub-unit’s concept and sound. And on top of that, it doesn’t possess questionable behavior and ownership.

Which one do YOU prefer?