I am, full confession, a very anxious person. My default setting is to expect the worst possible outcome for everything. Normally, I cope with this by preparing for all scenarios and burying my nerves with action, accompanied by some high-energy tunes. I like music that matches the frenetic pace I operate at.

Sometimes, however, I cannot avoid my anxiety. Dental exams, filing my taxes, driving on the pothole-stricken hellscape that is currently my hometown; these will always stress me out to 11, and I can’t live like that. So I did what all music nerds do and made a playlist. I’ve compiled some of my favorite K-pop songs that give me a sense of calm, help me take a deep breath and let go of my anxiety, and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

Are there any K-pop tracks that help you find peace? Leave them in the comments!