We all have those days. Those days where from the moment we open our eyes to when we close them, we are dominated by one solitary piece of knowledge: that we are awesome, and everyone else can suck it. We are kings. We are gods. We are 11s on a scale of one to five. When that happens, there’s really nothing you should do but revel in it.

Of course, as you’re going about your day, gracing the populace with your benevolent presence, you need a good soundtrack. And since life sadly does not come with diegetic music, we have to create our own. That song that perfectly coordinated with your power strut, that one that reminds you aren’t alone in your perfection, the one that tells the threes to worship at your feet, but who’s got time for that? So, I’ve taken the liberty of assembling my own.

Honorable mentions go to 2NE1‘s “Pretty Boy” and “U-Go-Girl” by the incomparable Lee Hyori. If there are any songs that perfectly capture those days were you just feel good, leave them in the comments.