The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but holiday music does its best to ruin it every year. Let’s face it: most holiday music is terrible. It’s either a) cheap cash-ins from someone looking for the next “All I Want For Christmas is You”, b) 50 year-old standbys that everyone is sick of, or c) cheap cash-in covers of the old standbys everyone is sick of. That said, there is one holiday song I truly adore: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

Whether it’s the playful tone, the lack of forced holiday cheer, or the fact that I live in a part of the world where “it’s freaking cold out” is a legitimate rationale for doing things, the fact remains that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” starts and ends my seasonal playlist. But this year, I decided to expand. For your auditory pleasure, I’ve assembled a K-pop playlist full of songs to play as you and your special someone light a fire, mull some cider, and cuddle the night away. And if anything else happens under the blankets, well, who can blame you for keeping warm? It is cold outside.