Sentimentality versus excess. Friendship versus violence. Hip retro clothing versus – well, I don’t know what. I am probably taking my life in my hands by doing this, but it’s too good of an opportunity- two recent MVs from two popular girl groups – T-ara and 2NE1. Sigh, lets get this thing started.

I was brave (or dumb) enough to sit through the MV’s long version, which in the end just seemed like one long audition reel for Jiyeon. I mean, she’s likeable enough, but damn.

So we have an ahjumma doing some spring cleaning and oh, look what she finds.
Apparently, she was part of the T-ara crew back in the day. She was probably Jiyeon.
Aw, how heartfelt; a little idealistic for the 70’s, but hey we’re not watching the History Channel here.
What’s with the retro trend? First Secret, now T-ara.
Also I don’t know about associating all-things-of-the-seventies with John Travolta. He did do some genre-defining work, but Pulp Fiction anyone? Face/Off (maybe I should omit that)? Damn it Hairspray?

I was apparently out-of-loop when they announced a mini-movie version, which is not that much different from the dance version.

I of course appreciate actual seventies movies and songs but, of all the decades 70s has to be my least liked. I’ve been through my parent’s closet, there was atrocious stuff passed off as fashion back then.

Are those full credits at the end!? This is why I don’t have the time for k-dramas.

Subi already did a pretty comprehensive review of the video, but I’ve always found T-ara underrated, and also discovered that 9/10 of their best songs aren’t promoted so I am waiting to to hear what else they’re offering.

Still 13 minutes of my life I won’t get back.


Ok, so I don’t want to get in trouble, or have hits put out on my pets, so these are my MV observations ONLY. Took them long enough though.
Well, the crystallized wrestling belt gets the point across fairly well.

CL, CL and more CL.
For once I like their choreography, but hah Bom and Dara in back. Well it’s a shame to waste Minzy’s dancing prowess.
I’ve decided i like Dara – she tries- and to her credit or Teddy’s, her part of the song is not so bad.
Seeing Bom with that poodle will never cease to crack me up. I wonder if that was intentional?
CL please stop stealing your ideas from Nicki Minaj please. Including your song title.
I will always and forever hold a bias for Minzy-girl and it’s nice to see her get more play in the songs;or maybe I’m just distracted by pretty shiny things.
Hmm, I like the chair transitions.

I don’t know what the deal is with Dara saying the girls were scared of each others makeup- though seeing Minzy with light hair is strange.
Damn smashing cases with records in them – dem some bad bitches!
I want to know the concept behind CL’s hair here – they remind me of cinnamon buns.

Aww yeah, here come the guns- ha, Dara looks a little too happy with that thing.
I will say that I’m liking the staging of the MV more than I thought I would.
CL (what I’m assuming is CL’s) “ohmygod” at the end was Lady Gaga-esque.

Also, that language would get you censored on American radio young ladies. If they’re allowed to say it during performances (which it sounds like they did) South Korean standards and practices are really warped. America’s is warped enough.

So, T-ara does the typical girl group sister-hood friends forever fluff, and we get the sense that 2NE1 just met up in an alley somewhere and decided to shoot up a Macy’s (do they have Macy’s in Korea?) We all know who is going to have the more successful MV, stage and song here. I’ll give props to T-ara though for that era-appropriate choreography. Peace, love and Seoul.