I’m a big fan of alone time. Before Covid, my ideal day involved me taking myself out to lunch, or maybe curling up in the back corner of a movie theater. Now I just go for a lot of long solo strolls. Sometimes I also sit in total silence in my room. I can feel you judging me, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Still, even I think that some things are enhanced by a companion. Duets are a great example. Two voices simultaneously contrasting and fusing to create beautiful music? That’s my idea of magic.

Duets come in all shapes and sizes. AkMu’s “Whale” is a quirky ode to its titular sea creature. GD & TOP’s “Zutter” is a three-minute long brag. While many duets are love songs, these each have their own unique color too. Hoody and Elo’s “Lust” is full of sultry melancholy, while Taeyeon and Dean’s “Starlight” sparkles with euphoric joy.

Sweetness, timidity, longing, playfulness, hope: all are present in this selection of some of my favorite musical double acts. I hope there’s a track here that fits your mood and reminds you of the power of partnership, in song and in life.