Can a girl group with three voluptuous members find success in perfection-driven Korea? The answer remains dubious, but the rookie girl group Piggy Dolls will be going against the grain.

We all know how Korean female idols are usually envied for their slim, attractive figures, and the slightest weight gain never escapes unnoticed by eagle-eyed netizens. Of course, the pressure on female celebrities to be thin and pretty is alarmingly high in entertainment industries all over the world today, but this is especially so in Korea, where many have gone under the knife in search of beauty, perfection, and fame.

Nonetheless, the Piggy Dolls recently debuted with their song Trend on various music sites, and also released their debut album Piggy Style.  The group consists of Lee Ji-yeon, Kim Min-sun and Park Ji-eun. Together, the 3 ladies have been attracting attention everywhere for their rich and healthy physique, as they collectively weigh over 200kg (approximately 441 lbs).

According to their agency, the members of the Piggy Dolls all have unique, powerful vocal talents and will capture the music scene with their skills by singing to the masses. Trend is a funky mix of electronic sounds which has self-confident lyrics like “Without worry, I say proudly,” “What’s wrong with my body? I have face and personality,” showing how the group is comfortable in their own skin.  Check out the MV for Trend below.

When asked about their reasons for debuting, Ji-yeon replied, “Nowadays, people usually believe that only skinny people are pretty. We wish to show that we can too be beautiful and confident with our weight, and it would be good if we could break the stereotype that only skinny girls are attractive.”

Furthermore, the agency also stated that the issue of their weight is of no concern when compared to their outstanding abilities. Judging from how Big Mama was well-received by the music industry, the Piggy Dolls aim to win the hearts of the public and cause an “explosion” as singers on stage. In fact, they made their first debut stage on today’s episode of  Music Bank, and will be performing on Music Core too.  Check out their performance below:

To be honest, I really have no idea whether Piggy Dolls (gosh, what an unflattering name!) can make a splash in the K-pop music scene once all the hype has died down. I have absolutely nothing against these girls, and I applaud them for their confidence and courage, but when you’re trying to make it in a cut-throat industry where visuals have become as important as talent, they will be facing a rocky path ahead. Still, who knows? This might just signal the start of a new era in K-pop world, where curvy-but-talented girls are appreciated as much as their stick-thin counterparts.

* Piggy Dolls are currently in the top 10 of the Twitter Trend list (above of DBSK).

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