We’re all a little Crooked in our own way, right? The only thing that matters though, is which way you’re ‘bent.’

  • 20130907_seoulbeats_leehyori_leesangsoonLee Hyori is loved by many because she is an individual not afraid to be herself. Bucking the norm of a huge flashy celebrity wedding, Hyori married her musician fiance Lee Sang-soon at their Jeju Island retreat in front of only 90 guests–made up of family and their closest friends. Security was tight allowing Hyori, Sang-soon and their guests a privacy that Korean celebrities rarely have. Hyori released some photos from her nuptials and said she decided to do her wedding this way because she wanted to be just a normal daughter and daughter-in-law, not the superstar Lee Hyori, on the most important day of her life. The couple will spend their honeymoon backpacking through Europe. (SBSCNBCChannelNewsAsia)
  • Speaking of Hyori, Clara got herself involved in controversy over her appearance on Happy Together 3. For someone who recently cried because of having to keep up her ‘sexy image’ she was more than happy to mention that she supposedly scored higher than Hyori in a poll comparing different individuals and their “sexiness.” Netizens did not respond well to her comments–she apparently doesn’t realize that being popular for a moment and popular for a over a decade is a huge difference. Clara also caused controversy for presenting a dish on the show’s Midnight Cafe segment as her ‘own’ when actually it was a dish that has already been circulating on the internet and was also recently featured on the tvN variety show Three Fools starring Lee Su-geun, Eun Ji-won, and Kim Jong-min. (CCDailyNews, Newsen)
  • KARA‘s Goo Hara and Kang Ji-young were recently caught up in controversy for their reactions during an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star. Hara got upset and eventually burst into tears after getting prodded to answer questions about her dating scandals by Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun. Ji-young was being criticized for also crying after the MCs ‘forced’ her to do aegyo. Granted the girls are professionals and should know how to deal with things like this, but they’re only human. Han Seung-yeon who was also on the show, but wasn’t pushed to tears released a public apology about the incident as did MC Yoon Jong-shin and one of the writers for the show. (SportsSeoul)

In K-pop:

This week signaled the return of G-Dragon with his Coup D’etat solo album and the release of the MVs for the title track “Coup D’etat” and “Crooked” which he filmed in London. The song  “Crooked” does have somewhat of a punk rock vibe making it befitting of  it’s MV. He made his live return to the music scene on Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook.

  • Defconn schools the younger generation in “Hip Hop Kindergarten” while also making a statement about Korea’s tough educational system and the pressure on its students, watch out Outsider a new rapid fire rapper is on the scene–The Nameless (and faceless) with “Untitled,” Nu’est say goodbye to summer with a “Fine Girl,” Exo released what most of us thought was the drama version of “Growl,” but SM is calling the Music Video_Drama Episode 2–I’m a tad confused about this whole drama and will there be an episode 3?, BTOB made a “Thriller” return, everyone’s favorite ‘elder’ Yoon Jong-shin released the song “Goodbye” which features Park Ji-yoon and Zia duets with Hae-ri of Davichi in the sad love song “If You Loved Me” with an MV starring Infinite‘s Hoya and Sunny Hill‘s Mi-sung.


  • Navi boldly tells the world “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight,” Ladies’ Code are “Pretty Pretty” in their latest MV, APink released the MV for “U You” and has fame turned the girls of Kara in a “Damaged Lady?” Let’s blame it on love instead. It was a big come back for KARA after concentrating on Japan for so long, and have to say… not loving it.


  • Remember the Piggy Dolls? Big girls with big voices that wanted to become the new trend? Unfortunately their trend never took off in the ROK and now the group is back, or rather the group name is back, with all new members who are just your standard K-pop girl group fare. If you’re going to switch all the members and the concept, shouldn’t you just switch the name? What, they made tons of Piggy Doll light sticks and didn’t sell them all? The group’s name was the worst thing about them to begin with–I liked the original group they could really sing too bad their company didn’t know what to do with them. Here’s the new Piggy Dolls with “Ordinary Girl” which is ironically apt of the new group.


  •  SNSD dropped the MV for their latest Japanese release “Galaxy Supernova” which was definitely a little out of this world and DBSK released the full version PV of their Japanese release “Scream.”
  • 15&‘s Yerin released a cover of Whitney Houston‘s classic “Run to You“–ummm when is 15& gonna release more of their own music? and Led Apple go old school rock in their latest Music Note with a cover of Skid Row’s “I Remember You.”
  •  BTS looks like ready to rage against the machine in their latest teaser for their come back with “N.O,” JYP worries of his future in the teaser for “Had Enough Parties,” and the twerk-dols Wassup released a teaser for “Hotter Than A Summer.”
  • Lotte Duty Free released a fantastical MV starring some of your favorite idols and actors to promote their new brand song “You’re So Beautiful”


  • Celebrating anniversaries this week were f(x) who hit the four year mark on September 5th, 2PM who reached their 5th year together and although they disbanded long ago (during that cursed 5th year) one of the original idol boy bands that set off the K-pop idol craze–H.O.T. debuted on September 7, 1996 making this the 17th year since members Moon Hee-jun, Jang Woo-hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, and Lee Jae-won debuted. It was a toss up between “Candy” and “Warrior’s Descendant,” but it’s best to start from the beginning, right? Here’s to 17 years with H.O.T.’s first hit “Candy” off of their debut album We Hate All Kinds of Violence.


In K-dramas:

  • 4Men released “Love Love Love” for the Empire of Gold OST, Boohwal‘s Jung Dong-ha sang of “Mystery” for the Master’s Sun OST, Kim Bo-kyung released “Heart Hit” for the Two Weeks OST and “Crazy Of You” from the Master’s Sun OST sung by Sistar‘s Hyorin just got an MV.


In K-varieties:

  • Don’t miss the September 7th episode on SNL Korea which will be hosted be Big Bang‘s maknae Seungri. It’s bound to be cutting edge as one can never quite expect what will come out of Seungri’s mouth. His Big Bang hyungs must be crossing their fingers that he won’t do anything too bad, although Papa YG must have warned him, right?!  The episode also marks the debut of Yoo Hee-yeol on the show as one of the MCs for the Weekend Update. (TVReport)
  • Be on alert for the episodes of the Infinity Challenge Infinity Challenge Song Festival where this year the likes of G-Dragon, BoA, Primary, Kim C, Jang Kiha and the Faces, Rose Motel and Yoo Hee-yeol will be collaborating with the cast. (ReviewStar)

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