20130919_seoulbeats_piggydollsAfter a long, long hiatus, the Piggy Dolls are back, with an entirely new line up and image. Not much is known about the new girls (or what happened to their predecessors), but their company, Winning Insight, has decided to put forth a new group with the same name. Their “debut” song with a new set of girls has been named “Ordinary Girl,” which talks about feeling good about one’s self despite not being as beautiful as idols (ironic, I know).

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J013JGtg-9k#t=188]

The song itself is a light pop track that takes on the topic of self love. With lines like “It’s alright, I look pretty in my eyes” and “I can live well without you,” the feel-good vibe is evident. The music video takes place in a coffee house with the use of magazine covers – my personal favorite being “Women’s Heater” and “Timer”- to show the relationship break down, as well as to give us solo shots of the girls. While the magazine idea was quite cute, it was a bit sloppy at times, layout wise. The best one was “delicious”– it used the title, image, and even the “articles” to create a good cohesive moment that fit the story.  I wish that the care with that scene was carried throughout the music video as it could have been quite charming overall.

20130919_seoulbeats_piggydollsThe song is okay. It won’t top the charts, but you can bop your head to it for a pleasant feeling afterwards. It’s cute and light, and a good way to have the girls test the waters vocally.

But let’s deal with the elephant in the room.

Unfortunately for these new ladies, comparisons are going to made vocally with the previous line up because of their name. While the new Piggy Dolls  are not terrible singers, their voices do not have the same impact or depth to them as the originals. The Piggy Dolls did come out with the “big girl” concept, but they were solid on their vocals more than anything and it left many fans disappointed in the surprising and unprompted switch, especially after the girls underwent weight loss to fit the idol standards.

20130919_seoulbeats_piggydollsEven when comparing “debut” songs, this one seems rather forgettable when compared with the original Piggy Dolls’ debut of “Trend,” which came with a clear intent and purpose.

For this new set of Piggy Dolls, I wish them the best, but it may leave a bad taste in their mouth for many.  Knowing what the original Piggy Dolls were supposed to stand for, not knowing what became of the original trio and then being presented with a totally new group under the same name? I feel that this was a poor move by Winning Insight since the girls will be followed by the cloud of their predecessors for most, if not all, of their careers.

For this MV, I’ll give them a 3/5. It was a nice try, but needed a little more polishing.

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