The past week in K-pop was all about “The Commitment” in relationships: between lovers–those confirmed or not, between idols and their fans, between idols and their art, between a brother and sister, between a father and child, between one’s self and doing what is right… Exactly how strong were the bonds of these commitments made?

  • 20130928_seoulbeats_kimwoobin_yoojiahnThe 2013 Relationship Revolution continues and this week was a doozy for fans faint of heart about their idols dating–maybe.  Relationship scandals were revealed left and right this week as model/actor Kim Woo-bin was revealed to have been dating fellow model Yoo Ji-ahn for the past two years, it was confirmed that T-ara‘s Soyeon celebrated her 1000th day with Click B‘s Oh Jong-hyuk after Sports Seoul released pictures of their date and the most scandalous (maybe) f(x)‘s Sulli dating Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza (who is 14 years older).  These three relationships were revealed within 24 hours and then the next day–rumors that Infinite‘s L was dating a well off, eccentric ulzzang Kim Do-yeon. The hardest hit of these scandals seems to be L with fans hating on the girl, questioning his judgement and devotion and the ‘temporary’ closing down of almost all of his fan cafes.
  • 20130928_seoulbeats_jisung_lee boyoungActors Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young tied the knot after dating (publicly) for seven years on September 27th at Aston House in the Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. The two met on the set of the K-drama Save the Last Dance for Me and confirmed their relationship in 2007. It’s been a great year for Lee Bo-young with two hit dramas now on her resume M Daughter Seo-young and I Hear Your Voice and now she’s married.Congratulations! (bntNews)
  • 20130928_seoulbeats_huhgakHuh Gak released photos from his wedding photo.  The singer recently announced he would be getting married to his first love, who he recently reunited with, on October 3rd. (news scj)
  • SS501‘s Heo Young-saeng will be enlisting on October 31st. He will be holding a farewell concert for fans on October 26th at the UNIQLO-AX. (triples)
  • T.O.P.’s much anticipated movie, The Alumni, will finally be released this November. The movie stars T.O.P. as the lead character Myung-hoon whose father is a North korean spy. His dad screws up a mission so he and his little sister Hye-in (Kim Yoo-jung) get sent to a labor camp. To save his sister and himself he offers to become a spy and gets sent to South Korea. There he gets involved with another Hye-in (Han Yae-ri) and becomes a pawn between the North and the South military leaders played by veteran actors Jo Sung-ha and Yoon Je-moonTaeyang‘s hyung, Dong Hyun-bae also has a role in the movie. It’s being called The Commitment internationally and the rights have already been sold to several Asian countries.


In K-pop:

  • The legendary Korean diva, Insooni, released her 18th studio album Umbrella to celebrate her 35th anniversary since debut. She released the MV for the title track “Beautiful Girl” written by the producing team Red Rocket to convey her energy into song.


  •  Busker Busker returned after almost a year since their hit debut album Cherry Blossom Ending with the release of their second full length album.  The album has nine songs and all nine songs quickly took over the top nine spots on the real time charts. They also released an MV for the song “Love, At First.”  Unfortunately, they have no plans of promoting the album–not even on music shows, but are preparing for a nationwide concert tour which will begin in early October.

  • The new Piggy Dolls continue their metamorphosis with the much more impressive “Butterflies.”

  • Kye Bum-zu introduces himself through his first mini album Something Special and the release of the MVs for “Hello I’m Bum-zu” and for the title track “Something Special” which stars Hello Venus Yoon-jo and Block B‘s P.O. and features DOK2.

  • In the midst of their One Great Step World Tour, Infinite released an MV for the song “Request” which is for Samsung‘s Galaxy Note and Galaxy Gear SmartWatch.

  • The coming weeks should be interesting as tons of artists have been teasing their returns or debuts: Brown Eyed Soul‘s Young-jun released a teaser for “Driving Road” featuring Paloalto, We Got Married newlywed Jung Joon-young teased his official debut with “Spotless Mind“, Seo In-young asks “Please Love Me” for her come back which features Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, Block B looks anything but in their teaser for “Very Good,” T-ARA teases “Number Nine,” indie band Standing Egg teased their fans “Once Again” and IU continues to tantalize fans with teasers of her come back with “Walk With Me, Girl,” “Between the Lips” and one that will have everyone talking “Everyone Has Secrets” featuring the Brown Eyed GirlsGa-in.


In K-dramas:

  • Youme released the song “Last One” featuring Joosuc for the Master’s Sun OST, Ulala Session collaborated with Duble Sidekick and Tonj for the ballad “Draw” for the Scandal OST, Superstar K4‘s Hong Dae-kwang is getting quite popular on the OST circuit–he recently released “You & I” for the Master’s Sun OST and now he scored a song “Goodbye with Smile” on the OST of the Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hae-sook movie (which just debuted on September 25th) Tough as Iron.
  • Did you all catch the ending of Two Weeks? Anyone else too chicken to watch episode 15 alone and so waited until 16 was out, too?  The things this drama did to my heart. Ready to take over its time slot is the Kwon Sang-woo and  Jung Ryeo-won‘s Medical Top Team.

  • Debuting this week was Choi Ji-woo‘s Suspicious Housekeeper, Seohyun‘s Passionate love, and Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum’s Secret.


 In K-variety:

  • 20130928_seoulbeats_feiIncarnation, the talk show that Strong Heart turned into, has been cancelled by SBS. (Newsen)
  • miss A‘s Fei is now the MC on O’Live O’Live Show. The show will also give Fei another opportunity to show off her awesome cooking skills as we all saw previously when she was one of the finalists on Master Chef Korea Celebrity earlier this year. (xsportsnews)

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