• JustttttttAfaNNNNNNNNNNn

    Saw the video of Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk and they looked so in love and HAPPY. I’m happy for them. :)
    Sulli and Choiza…… this is a weird couple. Completely out of the blue. Sulli has been getting into way too many scandals lately and now this, 2013 really isnt her year.
    && seriously SM?!?! SIBLINGS?! They were holding hands, SM seriously thinks their fans are stupid

  • Lillerz

    Isn’t sulli like 19? And he’s in his 30s?! Oooooooooo. I am trying not to judge but I hope she was legal before he made the moves on her. I hope and pray.

    • aoko
    • Arakhmawati

      I supposed he already did. -_-” they also caught the night before, with sulli wears the very same clothes that she wear during “morning date”.

    • esalocanegra

      I’m just sharing this bit of information here… it is often said that an older man can be good for a younger woman. Time with a mature, responsible, kind, generous, considerate, respectful and experienced man; consensual, and preferably with the blessing of the parents, can be a positive experience in a young woman’s life; and, we don’t know who made the moves on whom, or whether or not they were introduced in that way by a mutual friend; or possibly he met with her parents (or the head of the record company) and attained some sort of permission. The point is we don’t know anything; can we not just think positively here, hope they treat each other well, and wish for them the best?

      • Lillerz

        really if I am honest I don’t care if she is dating him. I care if he was active with someone the law classified as a child. :) Other than that who am I to judge.

  • Sentimental Muffin

    The best part of SM idols being involved in dating “scandals” are the responses that SM releases after the news breaks, lol.

  • Mary

    I totally wasn’t expecting the scandal with Sulli and Choiza. Such an odd couple, lol. But it’s interesting to see everyone’s reaction to the scandal as well as SM’s statement.

    I have to be honest – I died a little inside when I found out Woo Bin was in a relationship. But props to him and his girlfriend for being able to be in a relationship for two years. I wish them the best~ (They make such a pretty couple too).

  • ShineeWorld52911

    Choiza and sulli? That’s kinda creepy given the age difference. But she’s legal and can bang whoever she wants

  • Guest

    something going down at the blue house..

    • Guest

      yes, the president reneged on a major campaign promise to citizens.

      • Doll On Dope


  • ediblepixels

    Is Sulli in her rebellion phase? Slacking off while dancing, dating scandal that didn’t seem like she was trying to hide it, she’s an idol, can’t she buy new clothes right away? Or even call her unnies to give her some clothes … or even take the taxi to the dorms : Oh Sulli.

  • Nate Broadus

    “SM Entertainment, as per usual, denied the dating rumors, saying the two are close like siblings…”

    Because I always hold my sister’s hand when I go out.

    I’m just glad nobody got a pic of them French kissing.

    • JustttttttAfaNNNNNNNNNNn

      LOL “I’m just glad nobody got a pic of them French kissing.”
      And SM’s response will probably be like… French kissing is a common form of greeting in Europe, they are PURELY sunbae and dongsaeng

      OH SM

  • shannie4888

    Sulli’s getting it in and SM is lying through their teeth…………as usual.

    I love dating news. I want everybody to have a life beyond the spotlight. I love to hear news of idols and actors dating, even if the age gap is big because grown people should be able to do whatever they want without immature fans pissing themselves because “oppa” or “unni” is taken or “concerned fans” giving their unwelcome criticism about a person’s love life that doesn’t concern them.

  • bigmamat

    I hope all Korean celebs take this opportunity to open up their bedroom doors and let everyone know who they are dating. Just get it all out in the open. Maybe then the fangirls will be able to face reality. Celebrities date, they have sex, they have lives, usually with each other, not with you.

  • sleepyneve

    I don’t really have much of an opinion. Just good for them for having found someone.

  • Aki

    SM gave me a good laugh with their “sibling” excuse, but then again whatever crap they say, nobody would believe it since it’s not the truth. And in this situation, the truth would be unfavorable on their artist. But somehow I have a feeling that right now Sulli is having a dress down like no other.

    Congrats to the 3 couples, but I’m still on fence with the most controversial one, Sulli and Choiza. I don’t mind the age gap as long as they’re on the same stage of their lives, on that thought, maybe they are. ;)

  • Creamomo

    really happy for Soyeon. finally a happy news from her.
    i do remember Soyeon mentioned Click B again and again in Oh My School! they were already dating that time..
    but that also sad. as a human being. a normal person who fall in love, the have to kept it secret for years. it’s not like they dating a murderer or a drug dealer..

  • aka112u

    i love the fact that cute sulli is dating rapper choiza and not some pretty idol boy. it says a lot of her character.

  • http://faboomama.com Anika Malone

    I wonder if Sulli and Choiza met at KCON or if this happened before then. That would be cute (yes, and gross) if a little con here brought them together.

  • hapacalgirl

    i am really happy for Soyeon and they seem to have what it takes to make it last. I mean in the past three years she was there during his mandatory military time and he was there during the scandals of last year and yet they are still together and seem to be still going strong.

  • 1dontcare

    Well.. I liked SM for keeping silent during the IU-enhuyk scandal, but now they are just like any other agencies.. seriously… let these idols date like any other human.. what’s so wrong with dating any way

  • http://www.ilikemammoths.tumblr.com/ asta meisner

    SM needs to learn how to talk with the media some times.. jesus they are so bad at it.. Close like siblings?? BS SM… BS

    The Sulli/Choiza couple.. well I do think it’s a bit odd but I don’t mind it. If Hyeri from Girls Day can date Tony Ahn, then Sulli can date Choiza.