My ususal beat is Countdown (which I missed last night), but since Music Bank‘s regular reviewer Patricia is on break and there was a whole lot of debuts and comebacks going on, here’s your January 7th Music Bank done Patrica style with a 6 word review.

OP.ONE featuring Addsp2ch with “Up Down”: F unky get down, but I’ll pass.

F1RST with “You Like Me, I Like You”:   Interesting SNSD “Hoot” rip off move.

Dal★Shabet with “Supa Dupa Diva”:  More like Supa Dupa color overload.

New girl group Piggy Dolls debut with “Trend”:  Big Girls wail, buck the Trend.

F.Cuz with “Wanna Be Your Love”: Umm, Jinon‘s funny on Dream Team2?

INFINITE comes back with “Hysterie” and “Before the Dawn”: Good vocals + Tight Choreo = Great comeback.

Joo with “Bad Guy”: Nice vocals, girls love bad guys…

Secret comes back sweet with “Shy Boy”: Not fave genre, could be worse.

DBSK comes back with “How Can I”: Off key at times, nice stage.

Dance break:  Love the dancing, not the hair

“Why/Keep Your Head Down”:  Good performance – Yunho’s rapping? &  WTF’sUp WithThoseSuitJacketVestCapeThingys?

The winner of the night was IU with “Good Day”

Other performers included: Gil Hak Mi, Gimmm, Sunny Side Chang, Tim, Orange Caramel, Sistar, T-ara, and Jun-hyung & Yoseob.  To see more of these performances try checking them out here.

(BigBangSHINeeWorld7, Newsen)