For someone who spent the first twelve years of her life in church every Sunday, being instantly attracted and moved by artists with vocal strength and nuance is par for the course. However, many would contend K-pop has very little to do with actual vocal prowess and more to do with flash and visuals; light on the substance, K-pop is mainly all about style.

That being said, there are some K-pop artists who didn’t get that memo. Their voices can’t be contained. Some groups have a harmony so tight with vocals so strong one can’t help be feel a bit slain in the spirit. Some soloists are so deeply rooted in soul, they hit thick runs without breaking a sweat and still maintain pitch and range. And while the songs themselves may not necessarily be “sacred,” they’re definitely spiritual enough to have you screaming, “Hallelujah” and passing around the collection plate!

The doors of the Seoulbeats church are open. Come to the front and give your soul over to K-pop!

Take Me to Church from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.